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Create content that converts.

Create a blog that drives more subscribers and revenue for your store. Easily distribute content to social and email and measure results with full-funnel content analytics. Need more content? Instantly publish from thousands of premium articles.

Blog Creator

Write revenue-generating blog posts in a fraction of the time. Optimize new and existing content for your ecommerce goals, and measure content’s impact on your business’ bottom line.

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Create high quality content.

Write and format your blog within Matcha. Optmize for SEO, then schedule or publish immediately to your blog.

Embed Shopify products in your blog posts.

Turn readers into buyers by embedding dynamic product listings in your articles with easy toggle on/off usability.

Add content to email and schedule to social.

Schedule posts to your Facebook Page and easily embed beautiful content previews into your email campaigns.

Grow your email list with locked content.

Turn readers into subscribers then segment your audiences by their content interests in your Mailchimp or Klaviyo campaigns.

Measure the impact of your content.

Discover what content delivers the most traffic, engagement, subscribers, and revenue. Make data-driven decisions at all stages of the content marketing funnel.

Content Library

Create brand relevance with articles that inspire, entertain, and delight your audiences. Access thousands of articles, licensed from professional publishers, across dozens of topics.

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Over 12,000 articles from premium publishers.

Save time while fueling your marketing channels with engaging licensed content from top publishers.

Customize articles to fit your brand

Easily swap the feature image, change the title, and add custom blurbs to personalize articles for your brand.

Affordable, instant, and SEO friendly

Give your audience more reason to visit your site, engage with your brand, share your message, and open your emails.

Turn your blog into a true ecommerce asset.

Your blog is your most powerful asset to build, engage, and retain a loyal audience. Matcha’s Blog Creator makes it easy, combining a suite of content creation, optimization, and distribution tools with in-depth content analytics.

Additionally, with the Matcha Library, save time while transforming your brand into a trusted friend with instantly-publishable content. Learn more about the interests of your audience, and fuel your email campaigns with the content that fits your varied segments.

Create content that converts

Write engaging and performant blog posts.

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Embed products & subscriber forms.

Turn readers into subscribers and buyers.

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Fill your blog with engaging articles.

Publish to your blog in less time than it takes to drink your morning coffee.

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Track your blog’s performance.

Track your blog’s performance.

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Growing ecommerce brands rely on Matcha.

You know it’s true: ecommerce businesses succeed when they meaningfully connect with their customers across all channels. The catch? Creating content that fuels that connection takes a lot of time. Time you probably don’t have. Until now.

Join hundreds of ecommerce marketers who rely on Matcha for reader conversion tools, content analytics, and quality articles to fuel their customer engagement channels and see consistent performance from their blogs.

Who Uses Matcha?

Give, give, ask.

At Matcha, we believe great marketing entails giving lots of value before making an ask. That’s why we work hard to provide valuable resources on content marketing for our users. Browse our resources for tips and best practices on how to make your blog work for your ecommerce business.

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