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Blogging is a proven way to reach new market segments, generate more traffic and leads, and nurture leads and customers. Matcha makes it easy and can show you how. Get a free, customized blog plan for your ecommerce site.

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Go beyond just publishing articles. The Matcha platform makes it easy to publish, distribute, and measure content. It’s how you transform your blog into a growth engine.

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Get thousands of new visitors to your blog every month using Matcha

By making publishing articles to your blog effortless and providing managed content advertising on Facebook and Instagram, Matcha delivers the right people to your site cost-effectively. In 2018 alone, we drove 8.9 million readers to our customers’ blogs at 90% lower cost than traditional paid advertising.

Capture more leads

10x your conversion rate with content-powered pop-ups

Matcha’s content-powered popups increase conversion rates by 10-20x using tantalizing content to convert leads. It’s the easiest and most cost-efficient way to grow your list with quality leads.

Send more engaging emails

Give your leads and customers a reason to open your emails and stay engaged.

Your audience doesn’t want to be sold to all of the time. Using Matcha content makes your emails more interesting and worthwhile. Give your audiences more reasons return to your site with Matcha content, improving the chance that they buy and buy again.

Performance you can rely on

Reach your niche, grow your database, and acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost with performance blogging

Christy Raedeke, 37.5

“Matcha has the ability to write about everything we’re in, from scrubs to sheets to trail running. And the data analysis they do is incredibly important for justifying our spending.”

Christy Raedeke
EVP, Global Marketing and Sales, 37.5 Technology
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“What surprised me is how much traffic Matcha content has driven for us at a nominal cost. In less than a year we’ve doubled our site traffic and grown email revenue by 10x.”

Chris Holt
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Matt and Margaret Weir, Mambe Blankets

“With Matcha, we’ve reduced our cost per lead by 60%.”

Matt Weir
CEO, Mambe Blankets
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With years of experience helping direct-to-consumer brands, e-tailers, and small businesses grow using their blogs, our team of experts will help you get the most out of your blog.

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