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[07-01-20] 🍵 How to Spy on Competitor Ads

morning matcha june 10 2020

Your Morning Matcha for July 01, 2020.

In today’s newsletter:  How to recession-proof your store, land your emails in the primary inbox, and spy on competitor Facebook Ads and SMS campaigns. Plus: new data on online retail during COVID-19 and Google’s improved free product listings. 

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 On Growing During a Recession 

The United States has officially entered a recession due to the repercussions of the pandemic. 

While the ecommerce industry overall has been faring exceptionally well thanks to early lockdown closures of retail stores, DTC businesses should still strategize for how to compete in the midst of an economic recession. 

This article from Entrepreneur explores how ecommerce companies can grow during a recession. In it, they assert how a solid marketing strategy, value-forward branding, and careful operational decisions can recession-proof your online business. 


Skip the Promotions Tab

Do you spend hours creating emails that always end up in the promotions tab? Turns out, there are some tactics for working around GMail’s filters and maybe, just maybe creating an email that winds up in the primary inbox!

In the latest article on the Matcha blog, we dive into the various ways you can optimize your emails for landing outside the promotions tab. 


In E-commerce News This Week:

  • DTC Beauty is here to stay.  A study by WSL Strategic Retail found 44% of the U.S. population has bought something online since the start of the pandemic. Honing in on beauty, 36% bought beauty products online for the first time ever, and 73% of that cohort said they’d now do it again. 
  • Ecommerce selling up across the U.S. Yesterday, Square released its Rise of Ecommerce Report, listing the Top 50 cities in the U.S. that saw the largest percentage increase in new ecommerce sellers. The top 3? 1) Albuquerque, NM  2) Durham, NC and 3) Portland, OR
  • Multi-channel Multiples.  Even after retails stores reopened across the U.S., online retail sales still  saw a very strong 41.1% YoY growth the week of June 14th. For multi-channel merchants, that number was 71% YoY growth for their ecommerce channels. 
  • More free Google retail space. Earlier this year, Google allowed merchants to list their products in Google Shopping  for free, with no required Ad spend. Monday, Google expanded this by now allowing free product listings to appear in regular search. Until now, those links were all paid ads. 


What was the big Shopify feature release mentioned last week? 

A) Customized Landing Pages
B) Product Videos on Product Pages
C) A Video Editing Tool
D) Dynamic Pricing Based on Buying Habits

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


Get Inspired: Facebook Ads

Looking for inspiration for your Facebook and Instagram Ads? Unicorn Ads allows you to spy on the top 1% of Ecommerce Ads in your niche.

Simply select your niche to see a vast selection of beautiful and effective ads currently being run by Shopify Stores in your vertical. 

Get Inspired: SMS Marketing

Have you started using SMS (text message) Marketing for your ecommerce store? If not, now might be the time to start, with excellent open rates and ROI.

If you are still seeking a little inspiration for your text message campaigns, check out Really Good Texts. You can sort through a massive collection of some of the best text message campaigns and sort them by industry and campaign type.


Our top e-commerce reads this week!

Learn something new this week with our curated top reads.


B: Product Videos on Product Pages

 In last week’s Morning Matcha, we covered Shopify’s new feature release that allows merchants to feature product videos and 3-D Models in their product listings. You can learn more about it here

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