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[10-14-20] 🍵 NEW: Best D2C Blogs + Shopify’s Podcast

Your Morning Matcha for October 14, 2020.  

In today’s newsletter:   NEW: Best Ecommerce Blogs launch, Google’s Small Business Holiday Hub, Projecting Holiday Shopping, Shopify’s new podcast, and free Halloween email templates.

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Introducing Best Ecommerce Blogs

Blogging regularly is one of the best ways to consistently grow your brand’s reach, customer engagement, and sales, without the massive price tag of paid ads. 

A key part of the blogging process is creativity, and creativity comes from inspiration. What are others in my industry writing about? How are they engaging their audience? How are they designing their blog?

With so many blogs and brands on the web, it’s difficult to know where to go to find your inspiration. Matcha is excited to announce the launch of Best Ecommerce Blogs, a curated collection of the best direct-to-consumer brand blogs from across the top ecommerce industries. 

Head on over to the site to search for blog inspiration by industry and view the profiles of top-rated blogs. This is a live resource that will be updated weekly with new listings, so be sure to bookmark the page for more inspiration! 

Is your brand’s blog worthy of the spotlight? Submit your blog to Best Ecommerce Blogs and automatically enter to win 1 free year of the Matcha Blog Creator!


In Ecommerce & Marketing News This Week

  • Google launched mini-site Small Business Holiday Hub filled with resources to help small businesses during the holiday season.
  • A September 15th survey revealed 53% of consumers were still avoiding shopping centers. While the visit rate of shopping centers has been climbing, it is still 37% below 2019’s baseline. All signs point to more online shopping this holiday season than ever.
  • Yesterday, Shopify launched its new twice-a-week podcast, Resilient Retail. 
  • Pinterest launched the ability for ads to run alongside visual search results, as well as conversion insights that will allow Pinterest merchants and Shopify retailers to see the impact of their paid and organic Pinterest content on site visits and checkouts.

According to Pinterest’s recent record, searches on Pinterest for “positivity” spiked ____ over the past 6 months.?

A) 25%
B) 46%
C) 64%
D) 97%

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


 Free Resource: Halloween Email Templates

According to the early drop of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes this year, it’s been Spooky Season for a while now, but Halloween now really is right around the corner.

If you aren’t an email design wiz (or if you don’t have time to be this year!), Design Modo has created a collection of free customizable email templates that you can use this October 31st. 

Also included in their blog post are great ideas for spooky email subject lines, tips on sending times for Halloween emails, and more advice for how to make your Halloween sales scary good this year.


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C: 64%

Pinterest released a report of the trending topics for which people have been searching over the past 6 months. Here are just a few of the results: a 64% spike in searches for “positivity”, a 44% increase in “mindful eating”, and a 78% increase in searches for “home improvement projects.”

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