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2020 Benchmark Report

Announcing the 2020 Blogging Benchmark Report for Ecommerce & Content Marketers

The 2020 Blogging Benchmark Report is here!

Over the past few years, those of us at Matcha have dedicated ourselves to becoming experts on blogging and its relationship with growing a successful ecommerce business. After pouring over data from thousands of blog posts and facebook ads for hundreds of online brands, we are eager to introduce our findings to the world!

We are excited to announce the release of Matcha’s 2020 Blogging Benchmark Report for Ecommerce & Content Marketers.

If you are looking to grow your ecommerce business with a blog, this report will help you understand what success looks like with real results from real companies and provide valuable insight on opportunities to level up your content marketing and blogging strategy.

Did you know content ads drive traffic at a 96% lower cost than the average product ad? Or that locked content results in 4x more subscribers than an average lead form? Or even that blogging influences 6% of ecommerce sales, and that number gets bigger the longer you blog?

You’ll learn all that and much more in the 2020 Blogging Benchmark Report.

What makes this blogging benchmark report different?

Well, first of all: it’s one of a kind. We searched “blogging benchmark report” and all its variants on google and found nothing, so we decided to research and create one ourselves!

Second, while most benchmark reports use self-reported survey data to derive statistics about industry trends, we’ve decided to use real performance data directly from small ecommerce businesses to gather insights with which you can use to help measure your own results and take data-driven action.

So, what’s in the benchmark report?

The report is filled with data on how blogging impacts digital marketing strategy. Within the report you’ll find insight on:

  • Content vs. product ad performance for CPC and CPL campaigns
  • Conversion rate comparisons for locked content vs. on-site pop-ups
  • How blogging influences ecommerce sales
  • 2020 content marketing trends to expect this year

You’ll also find insights on what types of blog content perform best for achieving your specific content marketing goals.

Ready to dig in? Get the full report right here, right now.

No blog? No problem! Get started with licensed content.

Don’t have a blog yet? That’s okay. The data shows that licensed content proves to be just as engaging as original content and just as effective at driving low-cost readers and subscribers! You can read all about our findings in the report.

With Matcha, you can create a free account and begin exploring the library today. When you find something perfect for your audience, it’s easy to begin publishing!

Use the Matcha content platform totally free. Publish from the library starting at just $49/month.

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