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35 Blog Content Ideas for Brands During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Communicate with your customers about the coronavirus effectively with these blog content ideas. 

There’s no denying it: the next few weeks to next few months will be starkly different thanks to the coronavirus. As consumers increasingly practice social distancing and as they clutch tighter to their wallets due to to economic uncertainty, the boom many businesses may have recently seen in their sales is likely to stall, at least temporarily.

The coronavirus leaves brands and marketers in a tricky situation. Strategy that has been planned for weeks may need to be tossed out the window, whether due new consumer sensitivity around certain messages (see: travel, group events, etc.) or for simple frugality to save dollars on bottom-of-the-funnel ad spend when consumers might not be in a buying mood.

A smart shift in strategy is to one that focuses on building trust with your audience by providing them with valuable content that will help them as their day-to-day is altered by the coronavirus.

Every business can build brand trust by being both helpful and topical as consumers deal with the coronavirus and its impact on their day-to-day.

Because the coronavirus is on everyone’s mind today, it’s a topic to which any industry or brand can relate. There are therefore many ways brands can provide value to their audience and put them more at ease. However, coming up with content ideas can be difficult. That’s why we’ve broken down 35 content ideas for you below!

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35 Blog Content Ideas to Build Brand Trust During the Coronavirus


1. Content about personal cleanliness, increasing immunity, and disease prevention.

The community at large is finally starting to pay attention to the importance of hand washing, as well the impact that stress and a poor diet can have on one’s health. Help your audience along with helpful tips for staying well and keeping their surroundings germ-free. 

Suggested Topics:

  • Why washing your hands is so important
  • How to prevent the spread of germs.
  • How to talk to kids about cleanliness during the coronavirus
  • Songs to sing as you wash your hands
  • How to stay healthy when living with a sick relative
  • How to boost your immunity
  • How to get better sleep for your health
  • How to help our older population during the coronavirus
  • X Alternatives to a Handshake

Instantly publishable content from the Matcha library:

  • Why sanitizer works, but hand washing works better* // from Popular Science
  • Want to stay healthy? Learn to wash your hands the right way.* // from Popular Science
  • How to Strengthen Your Immune System* // from Better Nutrition
  • 5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity // from Oxygen Magazine
  • 10 Ways to Conquer Colds and Fight Flu // from Better Nutrition
  • How To Prevent And Treat A Cold // from Coach
  • The Importance Of Sleep And How To Get More Of It // from Coach

2. Food or recipe round-ups for those wanting to elevate their nutrition:

With social distancing becoming a buzz-word, families will be cooking at home a lot more than usual. Inspire them with healthy recipe ideas, as well as suggestions for meal planning. 

Suggested Topics:

  • Soup Recipes Perfect for When You’re Sick
  • Foods and Beverages to Soothe a Sore Throat
  • Foods that aid recovery, or are high in essential nutrients
  • Meals you can make from staples (in case of quarantine)
  • Tips for Staying Hydrated When You’re Sick

Instantly publishable content from the Matcha library:

  • The Essentials of Proper Hydration // from Oxygen Magazine
  • 7 Anti-Viral Foods* // from Better Nutrition 
  • 12 Super Cheap, Super Nutritious Foods You Should Be Eating // from MoneyNing
  • 10 Delicious Meals Made in 20-Minutes-or-Less// from Working Mother
  • Healthy, Spicy Tomato Soup Recipe // from Coach
  • 10 Slow Cooker Recipes that Transform Grocery Staples into Ridiculously Easy Meals // from Working Mother

3. Advice and best practices for a work-from-home life

As a lot of companies are implementing work from home policies during the coronavirus to help #FlattenTheCurve, office workers will have to make some big adjustments for their new work environment. Content to help them with productivity at home will be greatly appreciated.

Suggested Topics:

  • Tips for transitioning to a work from home position
  • Creating a schedule for your work from home life
  • How to separate work and home life when you work from home
  • Helping kids with school when learning from home
  • How to create a good home office environment in a pinch

Instantly publishable content from the Matcha library:

  • Here’s how much internet bandwidth you actually need to work from home _// from _Popular Science
  • 12 Tips to be Successful with Work at Home Jobs* // from Your Money Geek
  • 6 Steps to Being a More Effective Remote Worker // from Working Mother
  • 5 Tips for Focusing on Work When You Work At Home // from Working Mother
  • 6 Virtual Team Statistics You Should Know // from Business2Community
  • Working Mothers: 5 Sure Ways To Foster Work-Life Balance // from Working Mother
  • 11 Moms Who Have to Keep Working During the Coronavirus Outbreak on How Much Their Jobs Have Changed* // from Working Mother

4. For fitness brands, content on how to stay in shape without the gym:

When people are out-and-about less, they will inherantly be moving less. However, regular exercise is important to maintain both physical and mental health. Provide your audience with simple home workout routines that can be done with equipment from around the house. 

Suggested Topics:

  • Workouts you can do from home
  • How to workout from home without traditional gym equipment
  • How to create space for home workouts in a pinch
  • Round up of great Youtube Home Workout Videos
  • Alternatives to barbells you can find around your house
  • Find even more suggestions for fitness brands here.

Instantly publishable content from the Matcha library:

  • The Ultimate Home Workout Plan*// from Coach
  • The Cyclist’s Home Workout // from Coach
  • Mobility Training Home Workout to Build Lean, Useful Muscle // from Coach
  • 28-Minute Home Workout For Weight Loss // from Coach
  • Use This Pilates Workout At Home To Strengthen Your Core // from Coach
  • 11 Quick Chair Exercises That Work as Well as Going to the Gym // from Working Mother
  • The Best Home Exercises For All Levels // from Coach
  • 5 Ways to Stay In Shape, Without Leaving Home // from Working Mother

5. Tips for managing mental health during a scary time

Though the coronavirus is an illness of the body, taking care of the mind should not be neglected in this time. Anxiety and fear in the population will be higher than average in the coming weeks, and sadness and a feeling of disconnect may start to set in as social distancing becomes more regular. Help your audience cope with these ideas. 

Suggested Topics:

  • How to deal with coronavirus anxiety
  • How to talk to your children about coronavirus
  • How to stay sane if you have to go under quarantine
  • How to talk to a loved one anxious about the coronavirus
  • How to stay connected during social separation
  • How to stay mindful and practice positive thinking
  • Find even more suggestions for health and wellness brands here.

Instantly publishable content from the Matcha library:

  • How To Recognize The Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety // from Coach
  • How The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique Can Help You Relax And Get To Sleep // from Coach
  • 5 Health Benefits of Solitude* // from Oxygen Magazine
  • Six Ways To Develop A More Positive Mindset // from Coach
  • Aromatherapy to Help You Relax, Focus, Balance, and Revive // from Better Nutrition
  • Instant Calm: 6 Supplements To Soothe Stress and Ease Anxiety // from Clean Eating Magazine 

6. Entertaining content to distract from the coronavirus:

Let’s face it: people will be actively searching from an escape from the constant news headlines about the coronavirus. Really, any fun round ups will do when framed as a friendly distraction. Here are some examples of what you might write about:

Suggested Topics:

  • X Positive Things That Happened this Week While We Were Focused on the Coronavirus
  • Here’s X Pictures of Adorable Puppies to Keep your Mind Off Coronavirus
  • X Escapist Books to Read if you are Anxious about the Coronavirus
  • X Happy Movies to Watch to Get Your Mind Off COVID-19
  • X Ways to Unleash Your Creativity During Social Separation

Instantly publishable content from the Matcha library:

  • 10 Movies to Watch with Your Daughter and Teach Her She Can Change the World // from Working Mother
  • We’re surprisingly bad at reading cats’ facial expressions// from Popular Science
  • 20 Hilarious Rules Parents Never Thought They’d Have To Make // from Working Mother
    The Most Freakish Animal Noises You’ll Hear in Nature // from RootsRated
  • 20 Crazy Ways to Save Money _// from _MoneyNing
  • 20 Health Tips to Create a Healthy Lifestyle // from Oxygen Magazine
  • A Working Mom Data Scientist Created Hilarious Charts That Perfectly Sum Up Our Lives // from Working Mother
  • North America’s Most Fascinating (Non-Eclipse) Natural Phenomena // from RootsRated

7. Content about the Coronavirus itself:

This topic is very tricky to write about because the news about coronavirus is constantly changing, so for the highly-researched stuff, we’ll leave it up to the professionals over at PopScience. Here are some of the articles by PopScience that you can find in the Matcha library.

All Free to Publish from the Matcha library:

  • Gotta fly? Wash your hands early and often to keep COVID-19 from following you home* // from Popular Science
  • Who’s responsible for containing COVID-19?*// from Popular Science
  • COVID-19 symptoms typically appear 5 days after infection*// from Popular Science
  • How long can the coronavirus live on surfaces, can I get COVID-19 twice, and every other question you might have about the pandemic* // from Popular Science
  • Why COVID-19 can’t beat a good hand-washing* // from Popular Science
  • Fight COVID-19 on the go with homemade hand sanitizer* // from Popular Science
  • Your travel-related COVID-19 questions, answered* // from Popular Science 
  • How to prepare for a viral outbreak like COVID-19* // from Popular Science

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