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50 coronavirus Blog ideas for health and wellness brands

50 Blog Ideas for Fitness, Health and Wellness Brands During Coronavirus

Health and wellness brands: nurture your audience during the coronavirus with these blog ideas that inform, comfort, and entertain. 

With the world still in the throws of COVID-19, people are more and more proactively thinking about their physical and mental health and how to maintain it, both now and moving into the future. This isn’t just a hunch–google searches are increasing in volume for various topics related to health and wellness. 

Now is a great time for health and wellness brands to win with content marketing. In addition to the increased search volume for health and wellness topics, individuals are spending more time on social media during lock-down while the cost of running ads on Facebook has decreased dramatically. It is estimated that there has been an 87% increase in social media usage and the prices for Facebook ads have dropped by 20-25%

This is the perfect combination for a content marketer. While content ads already drive traffic to a site at a cost up to 90% less than product ads, the price for doing so now will be even cheaper. Outside of its benefits for inbound search marketing, content is the perfect tool to drive users to your site when they are not yet ready to buy, making them product aware at the top-of-the-funnel and primed for retargeting in the future when they are more likely to buy. Studies also show that content is an incredibly cost-efficient way to grow your email list for future remarketing. 

Now is the perfect time for health and wellness brands to leverage blog content for their business’ growth, attract new readers, and build stronger brand affinity with existing customers. 

But, with everything going on in the world right now, finding the time or brain power to come up with topics for your brand can be difficult. That’s why we’ve broken down 50 blog ideas for health and wellness brands below!

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But that’s enough about us: Let’s get to the content ideas, shall we?

50 Blog Content Ideas for Fitness, Health, and Wellness Brands During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Blog Ideas About Physical Fitness At Home

Blog Ideas About Physical Fitness At Home for fitness brands
Photo by Carl Barcelo

If your brand’s audience is full of fitness enthusiasts or even those just starting to commit to fit, the necessary closure of gyms probably became a huge blocker in their fitness journey. But just because they can’t go somewhere with tons of fancy equipment doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy effective workouts at home! Help them out with these blog ideas and plug your products (or feature in-line with this tool) in the process.

Custom content ideas for your brand:

  • X Strength Training Moves You Can Do With Common Household Objects
  • X Free Online Workouts That We Can’t Recommend Enough
  • How to Create a Home Gym Out of Common Household Items
  • X Body Weight Exercises That Will Have You Feeling the Burn in No Time
  • Miss the treadmill? Here’s How to Get Your Cardio in At Home
  • X Yoga Moves for Closing a Long Day of Working from Home
  • X Ways to Burn Calories and Be Productive During Lockdown

Available with Instant Publication from the Matcha Library:

  • Dig Out Your Dumbbells For This Full-Body Home Workout // from Coach
  • Lost Access to Your Gym? Don’t Panic! // from Oxygen Magazine
  • The 1,000-Rep Home Workout Challenge // from Coach
  • This Home Cardio Workout Will Get Your Heart Pumping // from Coach
  • Anyone Can Use This Bodyweight Workout To Get Fit At Home // from Coach

Blog Topics About Healthy Eating During Lockdown

Blog Ideas About Healthy Eating During Lockdown
Photo by Ella Olsson

These days, you never know what the grocery store will have out of stock, and people are more and more wary about going ahead of time. It’s not as easy to lean on our old grocery store habits of pre-COVID19, and often we find ourselves having to get a little more creative in the kitchen than normal. Help your audience adjust to healthy eating at home with these blog ideas:

Healthy eating content ideas for your brand:

  • Your Healthy 2-Week Quarantine Meal Plan
  • X Easy, Soothing Recipes for When You’re Feeling Sick
  • X Foods for a Healthy Immune System
  • Basic Cooking Tips for People Who Used to Eat Out for Every Meal
  • X Healthy Meals That Can Be Made from Grocery Staples
  • How to Avoid Food Temptations Around the House
  • Your Guide to Meal Prep During the Coronavirus
  • X Surprisingly Ways to Use _____ to Liven up a Quarantine Meal
  • How to Improve Your Relationship with Food During the Coronavirus Outbreak
  • X Staples to Always Have On Hand For Healthy Home Meals
  • How to Eat Mindfully When Doing Everything From Home
  • Why You Should Forgive Your Emotional Eating During Lockdown

Instantly Publishable from the Matcha Library:

  • Healthy Recipes to Make With Your Kids // from Better Nutrition
  • Do Calming Teas Really Work? Here’s What to Know Before You Sip // from Better Nutrition 
  • 5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System // from Oxygen Magazine
  • What To Eat Before Bed To Help You Sleep // from Coach
  • The Best Defenses: An Herbal Guide to Boosting Immunity // from Better Nutrition
  • Homeopathy for Immune Health // from Better Nutrition

Blog Ideas About Mental Health and Emotional Wellness During the Coronavirus

Blog ideas about mental health and emotional wellness during the coronavirus
Photo by Anshu A

Mental health is a growing topic of conversation for health and wellness brands. Lock-down can be a challenge for everyone’s mental health, and even those that have not previously experienced bouts of anxiety or depression may by now feel it creeping in. Help your audience combat fear and sadness with these empathetic how-tos:

Mental health and wellness content ideas for your brand:

  • How Journaling Can Help You Mentally Cope with the Coronavirus
  • X Ways to Cope with Anxiety During the Coronavirus
  • How to Recognize Hidden Anxiety in Your Dreams & What to Do About It
  • Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Therapy Appointments
  • No, You Don’t Have to Be Productive During Lockdown
  • X Essential Oils to Ease Anxiety 
  • X Ways to Help a Friend Combat Their Depression During COVID-19

Available with Instant Publication from the Matcha Library:

  • Coronavirus: How Adults Can Help Children Navigate Anxiety // from Working Mother
  • A Panic Attack Can Mimic the Symptoms of COVID-19. Here’s What to Do About It. // from Popular Science
  • Stop the Self-Sabotage // from Oxygen Magazine
  • 6 Foods to Reduce Stress and Nourish Your Body // from Better Nutrition
  • Instant Calm: 6 Supplements To Soothe Stress and Ease Anxiety // from Clean Eating Magazine
  • A Natural Way to Defeat Depression // from Oxygen Magazine
  • How To Recognize The Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety // from Coach

Blog Topics About Mindfulness & Self-Care During Stay-At-Home Order

Blog ideas About Mindfulness & Self-Care During Stay-At-Home Order

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

For the past month or so, the majority of Americans have been stuck at home, and if you’ve been spending most of the day in your pajamas, you probably recognize that after a while it’s not as fun as it sounds. These blog ideas will help your audience learn about new ways to practice self-care and self-maintenance even while stuck at home, as well as tips for helping them live in the moment and not on the internet during this anxiety-ridden time. 

Mindfulness and Self-Care content ideas for your brand:

  • X Safe and Affirming Ways to Express Gratitude During the Coronavirus
  • X Ways to Practice Self-Care During Lockdown
  • How to Make a DIY Face Mask Using Common Kitchen Items During Lockdown
  • X Uplifting Things That Happened This Past Week
  • X Relaxing Hobbies to Pick Up During Lockdown
  • The Importance of a Regular Routine During Lockdown
  • X Easy Feel-Good Yoga Stretches You Can Do Anywhere
  • X Necessities for a Great Meditation Space
  • How to Set a Personal Schedule During Lockdown
  • X TV Shows That Are a Positive Escape During the Coronavirus

Instantly Publishable from the Matcha Library:

  • 5 Health Benefits of Solitude // from Oxygen Magazine
  • Don’t Feel Guilty for Not Giving Your All to Your Kids Right Now. We’re in Survival Mode // from Working Mother
  • Develop a Morning Routine That’ll Stick // from Popular Science
  • 8 Proven Benefits of Meditation // from Better Nutrition
  • Aromatherapy to Help You Relax, Focus, Balance, and Revive // from Better Nutrition
  • It’s Time to Purge the Worst People in Your Social Media Feeds // from Popular Science
  • Flex Your Gratitude Muscles // from Oxygen Magazine

Blog Ideas About Preventative Health During COVID-19

health and wellness brand blog ideas for preventative help during the coronavirus
Photo courtesy of the CDC

People at larger are now hyper aware of their bodies and the space around them. Help your audience navigate how to best protect themselves and others during the outbreak with these blog ideas:

Preventative health content ideas for your brand:

  • X Ways to Make a Mask From Items Around Your House
  • X 20-Second Song Choruses to Sing While Washing Your Hands
  • How to Grocery Shop While Maintaining Social Distance Guidelines
  • X Ways to Get Better Sleep During Lockdown
  • Best Practices for Socially Distancing While Enjoying Nature
  • X Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Immune System at Home
  • X Expert Tips for Preventing the Spread of Germs

Available with Instant Publication from the Matcha Library:

  • How to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home, According to Experts // from Working Mother
  • Wipe Down: How to Disinfect Your Screens // from Better You
  • Why COVID-19 can’t beat a good hand-washing // from Popular Science
  • How to stop touching your face // from Popular Science
  • Fight COVID-19 on the go with homemade hand sanitizer // from Popular Science
  • No Cases of COVID-19 Where You Live? You Should Still Stay Home. // from Popular Science
  • A Guide to Safe Outdoor Activities During the Coronavirus Pandemic // from Popular Science

Blog Topics About Social Wellness & Family Bonding While Social Distancing

Blog Topic Ideas About Social Wellness & Family Bonding While Social Distancing
Photo by Gustavo Fring

“Social distancing” is an odd turn of phrase. Just because we are physically distant from our friends and loved ones does not mean that we cannot still be social. Still,  the rules for social interaction have changed, and there are many ways people can take advantage of today’s technologies to still enjoy time with friends and far-away family at a distance. Here are some blog ideas to help your audience feel socially connected even when apart:

Social wellness content ideas for your brand:

  • X Games That You Can Play Virtually With Friends During the Coronavirus
  • How to Host the Perfect Virtual Happy Hour
  • X Backyard Activities to Enjoy with Kids During Lockdown
  • How to Help Children Cope with the Realities of Lockdown
  • X Games to Play at Home That Both Kids and Adults Will Love
  • How to Plan a Memorable Date Night at Home
  • X Brilliant Ways to Virtually Connect with Others During the Coronavirus

Instantly Publishable from the Matcha Library:

  • How to Quarantine With Your Partner Without Destroying Your Relationship // from Popular Science
  • How to Work from Home with Kids Around // from Working Mother
  • Be Prepared: Things To Bring on a Family Picnic // from Working Mother
  • Having a Close Group of Girlfriends May Be Key to Career Advancement, Says New Study // from Working Mother

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