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Matcha announces content powered popups

Announcing Content-Powered Popups to Help Ecommerce Websites Grow Their Email Lists

Matcha’s content-powered popups deliver 20x better conversion rates and 75% lower cost per lead than traditional popups

We’ve all seen the typical website popup. It asks us to sign up for a newsletter to get updates in our inbox, or get a discount on our first order.

These do not convert very well. In fact, studies show they convert around 1% on average.

Today, I’m excited to announce Matcha’s content-powered popups, which transform your blog into a lead magnet. Matcha’s popups have driven a 10-20x higher conversion rates and 50-75% lower cost per lead for beta users. Get early access to content-powered popups here.

Not only do content-powered popups with Matcha perform outstandingly, they’re incredibly easy to implement. You don’t have to worry about setup, optimization, design, or any of the typical roadblocks to effectively acquiring more great leads. Matcha’s popup tool provides everything you need.

Matcha popups help Everly get more leads
Content-powered popups in action on the Everly blog

One of our beta users, Everly, a CPG business that sells a natural, sugar-free drink mix, has seen a significant improvement in their popup conversion rate with Matcha. Over the past two months, Everly’s conversion rate has increased from just under 1% to over 19%. Their average cost per lead (CPL) has decreased by 71%, and they are seeing CPL as low as $2.43.

“Matcha’s powerful platform has made it incredibly easy for us to create a high-performing blog. It’s helped me better understand my target customers, increase traffic to my site, and build awareness with my audience. Now, content-powered popups are helping us turn cost-efficient traffic into leads and build a very engaged email list.”

Ryan Gaines, CEO of Everly

Content-powered popups are currently in beta and are expected to be generally available in late June. You can learn more about content-powered popups and sign up for the waitlist here.

Lead conversion capabilities round out the Matcha performance blogging platform

Matcha empowers small B2C businesses with the easiest way to create a blog that helps drive growth. The Matcha platform has powerful capabilities that make it easy to publish, distribute, and measure blog content. In 2018 alone Matcha helped customers publish 10,000 articles and attract 8.9 million readers to their blogs.  

Now, Matcha has added content-powered popups to give our customers an easier way to convert more blog visitors into leads.

The Matcha platform provides capabilities to publish, distribute, convert, and measure your ecommerce blog.
The Matcha platform’s performance blogging capabilities

The Matcha platform allows you to effortlessly publish compelling content, distribute those articles to the right people, capture leads with content-powered popups, and track and optimize results with a powerful analytics dashboard.

Easily transform your ecommerce blog into a lead magnet with Matcha popups

Most popup tools only provide lead capture technology, leaving you to launch and optimize your campaigns on your own. Matcha’s content-powered popups, on the other hand, make it quick and easy to skyrocket your lead conversion rates.

Matcha’s popups:

  • Provide a compelling, relevant, and timely offer to the visitor
  • Deliver that offer at the right time (i.e., in the right context)
  • Align the offer to the right person or audience

For example, Matcha helped Everly to discover the keto diet audience as a key niche by using targeted blog articles and strategic social media advertising. With content-powered popups, people who come to their site to read about the keto diet are served a popup offering a free keto diet guide.

Pop up example keto
Everly’s content-powered popup targeting their keto audience

To make capturing leads on your blog as easy as possible, Matcha content-powered popups include:

  • Professionally designed graphics
  • Optimization for desktop and mobile
  • Gated content offer
  • Integration with your email technology

These features make it easy to increase conversion rates. Plus, the contextual nature of the popup gives you insight into what the lead is interested in. Now, you can continue marketing to them with products they care about.

Content-powered popups work exclusively on your blog. This allows you to keep your current popup tool in place if, for example, you’d like to offer visitors discounts when they go to product or category pages.

Learn more about how content-powered popups can help you to grow your business and sign up for the waitlist here.

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