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Best Ecommerce Blogs: Your Source for D2C Blog Examples

Announcing the Launch of Best Ecommerce Blogs: Your Go-To Source for Content Marketing Inspiration in Your D2C Industry

What do the top brands in different industries write about? How do they engage and delight their audience? What are the best blog designs and navigation experiences? 

Answer these questions and get further inspired for your own brand’s content marketing with Best Ecommerce Blogs, a newly launched collection of the best content marketing that the online direct-to-consumer space has to offer.

Explore the best blogs by industry, submit your brand’s blog for consideration in the collection, and be sure to bookmark the site! New blogs will be added weekly.

What makes up a great ecommerce blog?

Our content marketing experts at Matcha scoured the web for representative ecommerce blogs from every hot direct-to-consumer industry. 

While sorting through hundreds of blogs, we asked ourselves what themes the blogs that really stood out to us had in common. From a consumer’s perspective, what blogs offer the best experience, increasing brand affinity and the likelihood of a purchase?

We turned to our own quantitative and qualitative data available to us. First, we looked to our data from Matcha Insights to discover what blogs from our own customer base had the highest engagement and influenced revenues numbers–up to 30% of sales influenced by blog posts! Then, we looked more closely at the blogs themselves. 

While there are many criteria by which a blog can be judged, we’ve concluded that the best and highest performing ecommerce blogs have the following:

  • A beautiful home page design: just because blog posts are primarily text, doesn’t mean visual elements aren’t essential to a good blog!
  • A healthy mix of educational, inspirational, and entertaining articles. 
  • A clear brand voice and perspective: all articles on the blog clearly align with the brand’s worldview. The voice is accessible to all readers and consistent across posts.
  • Varied content types: Blogs we most enjoyed included listicles, how-to guides, product education, Q&A, recipes, and interviews.
  • Consistent posting: Minimally, new posts are shared once a month and as frequently as four times a week. There’s always new content for readers to explore!
  • Stunning photography or other visuals: In-line images and even the occasional gif (if brand appropriate) make for a more engaging reader experience.
  • Formatting: No one wants to read a wall of text. The best blog posts don’t look like essays. They are easily skimmable with clear headers breaking up sections.
  • Easy blog exploration: This can include categorical sections and topics, featured blog posts, and “you also might like” prompts beneath each blog post.  
  • Limited “product pushing”: While the best blogs do mention brand and product on occasion, they do so seamlessly and often in the context of teaching the reader something. Posts aim to provide value to the reader over selling out their store. 
best ecommerce blogs navigation

How to Use Best Ecommerce Blogs:

Best Ecommerce Blogs is a living resource that will be updated weekly with great blogs from across the direct-to-consumer space.

 We suggest you bookmark the site or sign up for updates straight to your inbox so that you stay constantly inspired for your own blogging efforts!

Once you visit Best Ecommerce Blogs, you’ll be greeted with a collection of our six featured blogs of the month. These blogs were top-rated by our panel of judges and by the best ecommerce blogs community.

As you scroll down, you’ll see all of the industries represented within Best Ecommerce Blogs. Click through the industry you are interested in viewing to see all of our blog listings within that industry. You can also sort our database by industry by clicking the “Industry” dropdown in the navigation bar at the top. 

Searching for a specific blog to see if it’s already listed? Simply type the brand name for which you are searching in the search bar in the top left corner. 

Once you’ve found the listing for the blog you want to explore, click through to view the full blog listing. Once on the listing, you’ll find links to the brand’s blog itself, four featured blog posts from the blog, and related best ecommerce blogs in similar industries at the bottom of the listing.

example of best ecommerce blogs listing

What is included in each Best Ecommerce Blogs listing?

Each listing contains a brief blurb about the brand, what they sell, a description of what you can expect from the brand’s blog, and tags for the D2C industry in which the brand operates.

You’ll also discover 3-5 screencaps of the blog’s design, a preview of a featured blog post found on their blog, as well as three other “top reads” from the blog. Our curators make sure to feature blog posts from the blog that exemplify the variety of blog post types and topics featured on each blog. 

Each blog is given a “star” review by our judges, judging on the criteria of blog design, content variety, content quality, and blog photography. At the top of the listing, you’ll be able to visit the blog’s homepage, share the Best Ecommerce Blogs listing to social, and leave your own review by clicking the associated golden button!

How are blogs sourced and vetted?

All blogs on Best Ecommerce Blogs are sourced from both the Matcha team of content marketers and vetted user submissions. All submissions are reviewed by our judges to assure only blogs that excel at design and content appear in this resource. Read more on how to submit below!

best ecommerce blogs industries

How to submit your brand’s blog:

Does your brand’s blog deserve to be featured among the best? Use the Best Ecommerce Blogs submission form to submit your blog for consideration. 

The only requirements for submission are your brand’s name, a link to your brand’s blog, and your email address (so that we can contact you once your submission is approved!)

The form also contains a blank field for you to call out any of your top blog posts that you’d like featured on your listing, if accepted. We know a backlink from a good source url can go a long way to rank your piece in search!

Are there any criteria for submitting?

The only real requirement for submission is that your submitted blog be associated with an ecommerce blog. (We are “Best Ecommerce Blogs”, after all!) 

Anyone can submit their online business’ blog for consideration, but you are most likely to be approved if you 1) Blog regularly (at least once every 2 months!) 2) Have quality writing throughout your blog 3) Blog about more than product releases and news coverage. 

We strive to feature blogs that both provide great value to readers and help elevate the brand of the online store for which it exists!

Even if you are just starting out with your blog, your blog will still be considered. When you submit your bog, you’ll also be automatically entered to win a free year-long subscription to the Matcha Blog Creator!

What happens after I submit?

After blogs are submitted, our curation team vets submissions for quality to assure only stellar blogs are included in our collection. 

If your blog is selected, our team will contact you once your blog has been added to Best Ecommerce Blogs! Our team will add roughly 3-5 blogs per week, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from us. We review submissions on a first come, first serve basis.

All submissions to Best Ecommerce Blogs will also be automatically entered to win a year-long subscription of the Matcha Blog Creator. The other way to enter is to start a 7-day free trial of Matcha. 

Tell me more about the contest.

Every month, we’ll randomly select one lucky winner from each month’s submissions to receive a year free of the Matcha Blog Creator tool! You can learn more about the Blog Creator’s features here.

My brand is on Best Ecommerce Blogs! How do I get my blog featured on the homepage?

At the time of launch, the six featured blogs on the Best Ecommerce Blogs homepage were the top-rated blogs from our panel of judges. Now that we’ve launched, we’re opening up reviews to the average reader! 

Every month, we’ll feature the six blogs that have attained the most positive reviews in the previous month. To get more reviews, share your listings with your customers and on your social pages to spread the word! Being selected as one of the Best Ecommerce Blogs is an accomplishment. Be sure to shout it from the rooftops to win one of the acclaimed spots!

ecommerce content marketing toolkit

How do I make my blog “Best Ecommerce Blog” worthy?

Are you ready to level up your ecommerce blogging? Matcha has a wealth of resources available to help you learn how to create engaging blog posts that your audience will love. 

Here are just a few:

Try the Matcha Blog Creator with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

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