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Engage Parents with New Articles in Matcha’s Content Library

Thousands of new parenting articles offer modern advice on raising children, women’s health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Can we keep it real for a sec? Being a parent in today’s world can be hard. We’re balancing our careers, being a great mom or dad, staying healthy, and (hopefully) maintaining a touch of sanity.

And today’s parents are engaged online like never before. As a parent myself, my Facebook and Instagram feeds are overflowing with kid updates, cute baby photos, face-palming toddler antics, and an erratic mix of worry and elation.

Us parents, we need help. If you have a product for us, I want it.

But be aware: I’m highly skeptical. How can I trust you? Are you a reliable source of help or another hyperbolic sleep training consultant peddling fear?

Don’t fret, mom and baby brands! I’m excited to announce that Matcha now has thousands of new parenting articles from two of the most trusted sources in the mommy and daddy biz: Working Mother and Healthy Moms. (Dads, there are articles for you too!)

Here a couple of articles that I’d definitely click on.

 Screenshot of parenting content for your blog, available in the Matcha platform

These are the perfect kinds of articles to soothe the sleep-deprived parent who’s not sure if your new version of the Baby Bjorn is right for them. By relating to them and answering their questions, you’ll become a trusted advisor—not just a business.

Now, you can instantly publish these articles directly to your blog from the Matcha content library. Licensed content like this is a marketer’s secret weapon because it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to:

  • Quickly drive high-quality traffic to your site.
  • Grow your email list.
  • Increase sales and loyalty.

Parenting Articles Now Available from Working Mother and Healthy Moms

Let’s take a closer look at the types of professionally written articles you can publish from the Matcha platform to your website in just a few clicks.

Working Mother

Working Mother is a well-known publisher focused on life balance, health, and family tips for…you guessed it…working mothers. Articles focus on kids’ activities, self-care tips, work-related motherhood advice, vacation ideas, yoga, fitness, and healthy eating topics.

Articles from Working Mother Magazine is now in the Matcha Content Library

Healthy Moms Magazine

Healthy Moms is a parenting magazine offering advice on children, women’s health, nutrition, and lifestyle. Most of the articles are focused on younger children, with a balance of care-taking and self-care for mom.

Content from Healthy Mom Magazine is now available in the Matcha platform

The content in the Matcha library from Healthy Moms and Working Mother is perfect for:

  • Motherhood brands
  • Baby brands
  • Brands with children’s products (child carrier backpacks, kid-sized hiking gear, etc)
  • Nutrition brands
  • Women’s health brands
  • Educational childhood brands
  • Family-friendly travel destinations

There’s even more to see in the library! Check it out here (Matcha login required).

As always, your project manager will be happy to help you find content that fits your brand and marketing goals!

If you’re not yet using licensed content in your marketing mix—why not? It can help you to attract new audiences, cut the cost of acquiring traffic through Facebook, and keep people coming back. Learn how to supercharge your marketing with licensed content.

Feature image provided by Daria Shevtsova

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