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12 Free Resources for Ecommerce Marketers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Companies are taking major steps to support small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak.

Small businesses are facing a new uncertain reality during the coronavirus outbreak, and the jury is still out on how Covid-19 will impact ecommerce businesses specifically, with sales surging in certain industries and slowing in others. Thankfully, many B2B companies are coming up with creative solutions to help small businesses cut costs and keep business steady during this time. 

Unable to find an existing list of free ecommerce marketing resources, we decided to dive in and make our own. As more companies no doubt will add additional free coronavirus-related business resources as the weeks progress, we will continue to update this post over time.

12 Ecommerce Marketing Resources Free During COVID-19.

These ecommerce marketing resources are listed under two primary categories, “Software & Resources” and “Education”, and will include listings that were otherwise “not free” before the coronavirus, but is now, at least temporarily free to use during the crisis.

FREE SOFTWARE RESOURCES For Marketers During Coronavirus Outbreak

1. Privy opens virtual marketplace to feature small ecommerce businesses.

In an effort to get the community at large to buy more from small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak, Privy has announced it is building a virtual marketplace for small ecommerce businesses. 

How does it work? First small ecommerce businesses submit their stores to the marketplace. Then, Privy builds it out. Finally, Privy will promote the marketplace to all of their customers, subscribers, and friends, so that anyone stuck at home can easily explore new small businesses to buy from and support.

2. Shopify extends free trial from 14 days to 90 days.

Perhaps you are just getting your ecommerce business off the ground, or maybe you have been thinking for a while of transitioning your online store to the Shopify platform. If either is the case, now is a great time to do so. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Shopify has extended its trial period length by over 6x, from 14 days to 90 days. You can sign up for your 90-day Shopify trial here.

3. Matcha makes ecommerce blog optimization platform free forever to new users who join during COVID-19.

Now is the time to build trust in your ecommerce brand and increase customer loyalty, not to push sales. To better service small businesses with lean marketing teams during the coronavirus, Matcha has made its blog optimization platform free forever to any new user that signs up during the COVID-19 crisis. The intuitive platform bridges content and commerce with dynamic in-line product listings, email list building tools, and content analytics to inform a data-driven e-commerce content strategy.

Additionally, Matcha has created a curated “Free this Month” feature in their marketplace of 10,000+ licensed articles from top publishers. The first round of free content focuses on topics that can most serve the customers of e-commerce businesses during the virus’ spread, from tips on building immunity, to home workouts and Covid-19 prevention. 

Businesses can access this content for instant publication and all of the platform’s conversion and analytics tools by creating a free Matcha account. 

4. Neil Patel’s UberSuggest SEO Tool expands free offering. 

Digital Marketing guru Neil Patel recently announced expanded access in the free version of his online SEO tool, Ubersuggest. It was a generous move by Patel, who only recently launched a paid plan for this platform. As he put it, “If I help you grow a bit more without spending money, hopefully, you won’t have to lay off any people and, ideally, you will even be able to hire a few more people.

In this new free version, Patel will be allowing users to access full historical SEO data, more keyword tracking, and a deeper view into content ideas and top pages. What’s more, his recent announcement outlines his plan to provide increased free marketing education to his users. 

5. Adobe offers 2 months free of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Have you dreamed of using Adobe Photoshop to level up your brand images? What about learning to edit video on Adobe Premiere Pro? In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Adobe is providing two months free membership. Already using Adobe? You can still take advantage of their offer. Find out more here

6. Facebook promises up to $100M in Cash Grants and Ad Credits for Small Businesses

Facebook announced it will be offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to up to 30,000 eligible small businesses. So far, minimal detail is available on what determines eligibility for the grant, but on their landing page linked above, businesses can sign up for updates on when applications will become available. 

7. Haul Drop provides free way to get more eyeballs on your store’s products:

Haul Drop provides a new way for ecommerce stores to get free exposure to a large community of shoppers. According to Haul Drop, that community currently consists of 10,000 users and is growing daily. You can submit your products here .

8. Google Hangouts free for all users until July 1. 

Until July 1st, businesses can use google hangouts for both internal operations and external marketing purposes totally free. With free Google Hangouts, you can host up to 250 users per call, record meetings when working remotely, and live stream for up to 100,000 viewers.

FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES for Marketers During Coronavirus Outbreak:

1. Linkedin makes 16 Linkedin Learning courses free

Earlier this month, Linkedin announced that it will make 16 Linkedin Learning courses available free of charge to its members. Though these courses all largely have to do with adjusting to working from home–from productivity tips, to time management, to leading at a distance and managing virtual teams–they are nevertheless a hugely valuable resource to ecommerce marketers that are used to working at the office or managing their teams in person. 

2. Moz SEO Academy now free until May 31.

Ecommerce marketers can save literally hundreds of dollars on top-tier SEO training from the Moz SEO Academy now until May 31 using code “wegotthis.” 

3. Facebook creates Business Resource Hub for businesses impacted by the coronavirus.

In addition to providing free resources to keep business owners and employees safe and informed about the coronavirus, this resource hub also provides helpful tips to marketers on how to best stay in touch with customers during this time. 

4. Admission membership free for new sign ups until April 3rd. 

Normally at a cost of $250/month, Admission is offering membership to its various ecommerce marketing resources including it’s FB Ads 101 Course, Hours of Past Webinars, Number PDF Tools and calculators, and it’s members-only facebook community totally free with no credit card required to new users through April 3rd.


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