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Introducing Article Customization for Licensed Content

Quality blog content creation takes time. Time most lean ecommerce marketing teams just don’t have. Until now. 

It’s a well-known problem: custom content is extremely valuable, but expensive and time-consuming to produce. Plus, investing in original content comes with a certain amount of risk when you’re not sure if the topics about which you are writing is of interest to your audience.

Matcha alleviates those problems by providing you access to a library of 10,000+ licensed articles from premium third-party publishers that you can push to your blog in a matter of minutes. Then, Matcha’s analytics can help you uncover what topics resonate the most with your base.

Licensed content provides all the benefits of a blog for a fraction of the time and cost. The only limit? The body copy of licensed content cannot be changed. This leads marketers to ask the question “how can I better brand my licensed content for my business?” 

That’s where Matcha’s newest feature, Article Customization, comes in! 

With Matcha’s latest feature release, it’s easier than ever to personalize your content and close the loop between content and commerce. In just a few simple steps, Matcha users can modify an article’s featured image and title, as well as add a branded blurb before or after the article. Matcha users on Shopify can even directly feature their products in-line with a click of a button. No backend work required! 

Matcha Article Customization

Branding licensed content is easy with Matcha. 

Simply select an article you’d like to customize and click the publish button. From there, you’ll see the option to make several modifications: 

  • Change the Feature Image —  Swap out the image for one of your own brand images, or source a brand-aligned image from a media library that is available for commercial usage. 
  • Adjust the Title — If you find yourself looking at a piece of Matcha content in the library and wishing the title was slightly different, you now have the freedom to adjust it. This is a great opportunity to make the article match the season or upcoming holiday, or to align the title’s call to action with your brand’s voice!
  • Write a Branded Introduction or Conclusion — With licensed content, the space before and after the article attribution is free territory for your brand. These are great places to write a short branded intro, or to offer your expert opinion on the subject. Within these blurbs, you can also create backlinks to other pages on your site!
  • Feature Your Product— If you use Shopify, featuring products or product collections within or beneath your licensed content is as simple as selecting the product you want to feature and clicking a button! You can learn more about our embedded product listings feature here.

Make as many or as few changes within Matcha as you’d like, and click “publish” to immediately post your customized content live to your site. Want to make changes to your customization? It’s as easy as opening the article in Matcha, editing your customization, and re-publishing the updated version. 

In a few simple steps, you’ve just taken your licensed content to the next level! If you’re in need of some helpful do’s and don’ts for customizing, check out our best practices here

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