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Introducing Matcha’s New, Affordable Essentials Bundle and Free Trial

Build your blog. Build your business.

The blog is the most underutilized asset online businesses have at their fingertips.

Breakout direct-to-consumer brands like Glossier, Cotopaxi, Away, and Harry’s have proven that the blog is a powerful tool to build an audience and grow to international success. 

Yet, if you peruse the ecommerce websites of most small and medium-sized businesses, a blog is noticeably absent. 

That’s because publishing content can be incredibly resource-intensive and a total pain for busy business owners and ecommerce managers. Simply, they don’t have hours to commit to researching, writing, and publishing blog articles.

Many ecommerce merchants know they should be blogging and will publish content ad hoc when time allows. However, a sporadic approach doesn’t yield results — imagine if you randomly launched paid search campaigns a couple times a year — and has contributed to some ecommerce marketers writing off the strategy entirely, despite countless success stories and data clearly showing the value of a blog. 

Matcha has helped hundreds of small and growing businesses build a best-in-class blog for their ecommerce website, easily and affordably. Now, we’re doubling down on our mission to help small businesses unlock the power of the blog. 

Today, I’m excited to announce Matcha’s new low-cost package and free trial!

Sign up for the 7-day free trial and start publishing today! No commitment or credit card required.

Introducing the Essentials Bundle 

At just $99 per month, Matcha’s Essentials Bundle is affordable for even the smallest business, with no long-term contract required. 

Included in the bundle are:

  • Two instantly publishable articles every month, so you can fill your blog with high-quality content in minutes instead of hours.
  • Matcha Insights, the only analytics tool built specifically to show ecommerce stores how their blogs are influencing traffic, email list growth, and online sales.

You can try it out now with Matcha’s 7-day free trial. No credit card required. 

Once you connect your website, you can begin publishing articles in just a few clicks! 

A simple formula for success with your ecommerce blog

Leveraging your blog to help grow your ecommerce business goes beyond simply publishing high-quality content. By following the simple formula to ecommerce blogging, you can unlock the power of your blog to attract shoppers to your website and capture their email addresses to grow your owned audience. No more relying solely on the whims of third-party marketing channels that don’t give you direct access to your audience.

The Matcha formula for growing your business with your blog has four steps: publish, promote, convert, and measure.

  • Publish engaging articles to your blog in a matter of a few clicks.
  • Promote articles with content advertising and email to attract new audiences to your website.
  • Convert blog traffic into email subscribers and nurture them with engaging content until they’re ready to buy. 
  • Measure blog performance and optimize your blog to maximize traffic, leads, and sales influenced by content.

While the new Essentials Bundle makes the publishing and measuring steps effortless, Matcha’s Performance Bundles provide tools that automate each step of the process.

Whether you’d prefer to DIY with the Essentials Bundle or put your results on autopilot with a Performance Bundle, Matcha makes it easy and affordable to use your blog to attract traffic to your site, grow your email list, and grow your business.

To learn more about the power of our Performance Bundles, schedule a demo with one of our ecommerce blogging experts.

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