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Introducing Matcha images: Visual Asset Management Through the Eyes of a Photo Editor

Until now, our technology and services have been focused on article-based content. But engaging copy is only one aspect of a great content marketing strategy. Since visual content is 40 times more likely to be followed online, it’s a natural next step in our roadmap to tackle the pain felt by lean marketing teams when it comes to managing their visual assets.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Matcha images visual asset management, centralized visual storage supported by professional photo editorial services.

Image management – the great time suck!

For a lean marketing team, building and managing a visual library that’s easy to use is extremely time intensive.

Based on partner interviews, marketing teams we’re working with spend between 2 hours and 8 hours per week on image management, depending on the projects they’re working on and campaigns they’re running.

Few marketing teams have the resources for a full-time photo editor and rarely have the bandwidth to properly tag images for easy searchability, metadata maintenance, and photo credit URL organization.

Many of these teams turn to solutions like Dropbox, which are incredible for file storage but not so great for managing visual assets. Opening folders inside of folders, guided only by vague names like “sunset” or “restaurants”, means lost time and dead-end searches. Visual asset management requires a solution that is, well, visual.

The ongoing problem is compounded as new assets from multiple sources are constantly added, needing correct attribution and metadata.

A marketer often must dig through many folders to find even a single image.

Visual asset management through the eyes of a photo editor

We believe that technology is successful when it’s complemented by do-it-with-you services. With that in mind, Matcha’s visual asset management layers both centralized photo storage with the full support of a talented visual editorial team.

This tech-enabled, people-powered solution means you’ll have your own experienced photo editor to do all the heavy lifting involved in creating and managing your new visual library. Your editor will ingest your images, add metadata and attribution information, and tag every photo for easy search.


With your new library in place, you’ll find a visual workflow that’s a breeze to use. Enter a search term and in one view you’ll see your images, their metadata, and their credit URLs. Finding assets will take seconds and you’ll have confidence in the rights of each photo.

Such easy access means image requests won’t be a chore and you’ll work from deeper in your library, no longer relying on the 10% of your photos that are easiest to find.

As your image collection grows, your photo editor will be there to add new assets and maintain the metadata throughout your library.

Save the hours your team spends searching for the right image and stay focused on the creative side of building your brand online. To learn more, schedule time to chat with our team.

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