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Announcing Matcha Insights

Introducing Matcha Insights: A Better, Easier Way to Track and Optimize Blog Performance

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

According to management guru Peter Drucker, measuring your activities is critical to achieving the results you desire.

It may seem obvious, but it’s one of the top reasons why ecommerce business’ blogs aren’t producing results

If you’re publishing ad hoc blog posts without tracking audience traffic, engagement, conversions, and how articles are influencing sales, how can you expect to predictably grow your business using your blog?

Matcha customers who follow the formula for performance blogging — publish, promote, convert, and measure — see significant gains in traffic, lead acquisition, email marketing performance, and overall sales. And now, it’s easier than ever to track that growth in the Matcha platform.

Announcing Matcha Insights: Content Analytics for Ecommerce

Today, I’m excited to share Matcha Insights, which evolves the Matcha platform’s measurement capabilities. Now, ecommerce marketers and business owners can easily track and optimize the performance of their blog content and see how it’s influencing revenue. Let’s dive in and check it out! 

Matcha Insights has four core sections:

  • Trends 
  • Top content
  • Conversion funnel
  • Email performance


Trends provides an overview of your blog results, showing content performance over time. You can see how your blog is driving readers to your site and what sources they’re coming from, how many leads you’re capturing, and how content is influencing revenue over time. Trends makes it easy to identify outliers and dig into specific situations, as well as monitor the overall performance of your blog.

Trends shows an overview of your traffic, sources, leads, and revenue from your blog over time

Key Metrics

  • Readers: See how many total visitors came to your blog and how many read your blog content. A reader is defined as someone who stuck around for at least 15 seconds.
  • Sources: See which channels (direct, Facebook, Google, email, etc.) are driving the most blog traffic. 
  • Leads: View the number of content-influenced leads (i.e., email subscribers) generated over a given time frame. A lead is considered to be content-influenced if the visitor completes a form, such as a newsletter signup or popup, during or immediately after reading a blog post. 
  • Revenue: Understand how your blog is impacting revenue. When a customer reads at least one blog post before making a purchase, the sale is considered to be content-influenced.

If you hover over any bar in the graph, you can see more detail.  

Top Content

Dig into the performance of each article to understand which content is working well for your business. Here, you can identify which articles are getting the most readers and the best audience engagement, and you can see the leads and revenue each article has generated. Sort each column to see the best- and worst-performing articles for each metric.

Screenshot of Top Content for Matcha Insights
Analyze how each article is performing with top content

Conversion Funnel

Get an overview of how your blog is helping your business grow with Matcha’s new content conversion funnel. See how many visitors become readers, then leads, and ultimately customers. You’ll see which specific articles are most impactful at each stage of the funnel. Clearly see how your blog is helping you to grow your business!

Conversion Funnel screenshot from Matcha Insights
See how your blog is helping your business grow with the conversion funnel

Email Performance

See how content influences your email open and click-through rates. Matcha tracks what percentage of clicks went to content (i.e., blog articles) versus product pages and other offers.

Email screenshot from Matcha Insights
See how content drives clickthrough with email performance

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