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Licensed Content Dos and Don’ts

Get the most out of licensed content with Matcha.

Licensed content is the easiest, most affordable tool for filling your blog with high-quality content that’s proven to drive results. But as with any tool, the key is knowing how — and how not — to use it.

Read on for licensed content best practices and mistakes to avoid. With these tips, you’ll maximize the value licensed content brings to your business.

What is licensed content?

Licensed content is content created by a trusted, professional publisher that is available for you to publish on your blog and use across all your marketing channels.

With Matcha, you can publish a licensed article in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of similar custom pieces. And with a huge range of topics available, you can publish content targeted to each of your audiences. 

In short, licensed content is a powerful tool to bring qualified traffic to your site, then convert them from casual visitors to engaged readers to loyal customers.

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Licensed Content Don’ts

When you publish a licensed article, you agree to Matcha’s EULA. Generally speaking, these terms don’t allow you to change the body of the article.

And that’s okay! You’re using licensed content because it’s a finished product that’s ready to publish. 

Specifically, you’ll want to avoid the following.

  • Don’t change the body copy. This includes adding any additional copy within the article.
  • Don’t add or modify links within the article.
  • Don’t alter the attribution. The attribution is the line in italics saying who the original author is and that the article is legally licensed through Matcha. 
  • Don’t remove, add, or swap out images within the article body.

Our team filters out content in our library that doesn’t fit our high standards for quality. If you come across any issues with an article — promotional content, a typo, an image that doesn’t work for your brand — you can contact Matcha and we’re happy to help.

Just because you can’t modify the article itself, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a licensed article work hard for your brand.

Licensed Content Dos

Once you’ve published a licensed article to your blog, you have some really powerful ways to customize it using Matcha’s article customization feature. With these creative additions, you can make licensed content fit snugly into your brand, push readers to your online store, and promote your products to a highly targeted audience.

Feature your products.

A powerful feature of licensed content is its ability to deliver targeted traffic. For example, someone reading an article about how to detox from sugar is likely to be interested in your healthy snacks.

Take a cue from the article’s topic and offer your reader a product that’s specific to their needs. You can do this by adding a product image and link above or below the body copy — just make sure it stands out and doesn’t look like it’s part of the original article.

If you use Shopify, featuring products or product collections within or beneath your licensed content is as simple as selecting the product you want to feature and clicking a button! You can learn more about our embedded product listings feature here.

Change the title.

You only get one chance at a first impression, so make sure your article titles are super-relevant to your audience. With licensed content, you’re allowed to bend titles to your brand.

A word of caution, though. You don’t want to go so far as to make it appear that you’re the original creator of the article.

Here’s an example of how to strike that balance.

Let’s say your audience is busy parents. You’ve just published the article “10 Simple Ways to De-Stress ” and want to make it hit home with that audience. You could adjust the title to “10 Simple Ways for Working Parents to De-Stress.”

Want further examples and inspiration? Visit our knowledge base article here.

Add a branded sign-off (or a branded intro!)

While you’re not allowed to add copy in the body of the article, the spaces above the article and below the attribution are free real estate.  

One creative way to use this space is to include a branded sign-off or introduction. This can be a boilerplate blurb that gets added to every article, or it can be a tailor-made message that speaks to the article’s theme — like a description of your zero-waste policy under a post about reducing your carbon footprint. Intros and sign-offs are excellent spaces to include a backlink to another area of your site, including about pages and product pages.

For further examples and inspiration on branded intros and sign-offs, see our knowledge base article here.

Showcase the article’s author.

When you publish a licensed article from a respected author or publication, you’ve provided something very valuable to your audience. Matcha’s content library includes recipes from well-known chefs, workouts from fitness coaches, job advice from career coaches, and more.

Lean into this value by thanking the author or publication directly in your intro or sign-off. When you highlight a source your audience loves and trusts, they’ll appreciate the resources you’ve provided even more.

Offer a branded content upgrade.

Let’s say you’ve published a popular licensed article about the best yoga retreats in the world and promoted it with content ads on Facebook. It’s driving a lot of traffic from people who are clearly into yoga.

You can convert that high-quality traffic into newsletter subscribers by adding a gated content upgrade at the end of the article. In this case, maybe it’s a checklist of the “10 Best Yoga Positions to Start Your Day.” You offer that valuable guide in exchange for the reader’s email address, and they get a little something extra.

Add links to other relevant content.

Netflix has mastered the art of extending viewer session time on its platform. One way they do this is by showing viewers a list of content they should watch next.

Take a page out of the Netflix playbook and include links to related articles or videos on your website beneath the licensed article. You’ll increase the time readers spend with your brand, provide more opportunities to recommend relevant products, and gather valuable data you can use to personalize future experiences. 

Licensed Content Success Story: People’s Choice Beef Jerky

People’s Choice Beef Jerky is a California-based brand that offers a range of beef jerky by single purchase or in curated boxes. A big portion of their customers are focused on high-protein, low-carb diets, such as keto. People’s Choice publishes content about these topics to attract and engage this niche audience.

At the bottom of these articles, they not only feature a product, but they also highlight a benefit of that product that’s important to their audience. 

And this tactic is working! Readers of the article below, which People’s Choice Beef Jerky is promoting via social media, have bought over $1,600 in sales in just six weeks!

People’s Choice Beef Jerky promotes relevant content alongside the licensed articles on their blog — like zero-sugar jerky on an article about keto recipes

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