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Create the Perfect Welcome Email In Less Time with Matcha + Mailchimp

Every business needs an automated welcome email.

Sending an automated welcome email to your new subscribers is one of the highest-leverage email marketing practices you can implement. On average, welcome emails boast an open rate of 50% and a click-through rate 5x the standard email.

Yeah. Mind-blowing.

New subscribers are also shown to be most engaged within the first 48 hours after subscribing, and subscribers who receive a welcome email show 33% more brand engagement over time.

And get this: 74% of people actually expect to receive a welcome email immediately after they subscribe to your list. Yet only 58% of brands send one.

If you aren’t currently sending a welcome automation, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to strengthen brand awareness and trust with your new subscribers, especially when you’re consistently converting new email subscribers with Matcha. You also might be missing out on sales, since welcome emails on average generate up to 320% more revenue than other types of promotional emails.


Mailchimp + Matcha for Welcome Emails

Thankfully, it’s super simple to create an engaging welcome email when using Matcha and Mailchimp together. Mailchimp’s welcome automation feature provides simple click-and-drag layouts for an aesthetically wonderful email.

Matcha gives you something of value to say and the ability to segment emails like never before. With Matcha’s library of 10k+ articles, you can instantly publish content to your blog that you can incorporate into your email communications.

For more advanced welcome communications, use Matcha data to segment emails to subscribers based on content topic, persona, title, and more. Matcha pushes subscriber data into Mailchimp so you can automatically segment welcome automations and effortlessly send new subscribers the content that’s most relevant to them.

With Matcha and Mailchimp, you’ve got the ingredients for a perfect welcome email right at your fingertips.

Happy Luxe welcome email screenshot gif
Happy Luxe’s welcome’s new subscribers with this great email!

4-Ingredient Recipe for a Great Welcome Email

1. Timing: Mailchimp makes it easy to automate your welcome communications to send within a chosen time window. We recommend you send it as soon as possible, when you’ve already got your subscribers’ attention. Again, 74% of people expect a welcome email immediately after subscribing, and when they don’t get one? Well, it’s kind of a letdown.

2. Subject line: A subject line like “Welcome to the [Company] Newsletter” is the simplest way to start. You can make a subject line more unique by welcoming new subscribers to your community, offering a discount, or promoting a popular blog post.

Email inbox screenshot with welcome emails
Real-world examples of effective welcome subject lines

3. Setting expectations: Don’t forget to introduce your brand and tell your new subscribers what to expect from your emails. There’s no need for a lengthy introduction — just a few sentences will do. Here’s what this intro should accomplish:

  • Welcome your subscriber and thank them for subscribing.
  • Briefly introduce your brand and your mission/what you stand for.
  • Tell them what they can expect from you. For example: “Quality content, exclusive savings, and first-to-know status on product releases.”
  • Let them know how often they can expect to hear from you (e.g., weekly, monthly, every Tuesday).

4. Value: It’s simple, really: If your new subscriber likes what they see in your welcome email, they’ll be that much more likely to open future emails from your company. Here are two ways to add value.

  • Feature content your subscribers care about.
    Like training a puppy by giving them a treat when they sit, you can use valuable blog content in your welcome email to train your new subscriber to open your emails! And the more you continue to incorporate valuable content, the stronger that learned behavior will become over time. To make your emails more relevant, use the data from Matcha Subscribers to segment your emails based on content consumption. With the ability to publish four licensed articles every month on the Matcha Essentials+ package, you’ll never be at a loss for those “training treats” when regularly communicating with your customers.
  • Offer them a small discount or a free gift with their first purchase.
    This is an effective method for driving new subscribers to make their first purchase. However, we recommend using this method in conjunction with a featured blog post — a truly free offer — to create a stronger bond with your new subscriber.

Here’s a great example of welcome email — check out how it includes each ingredient of the formula!

Heka Good Foods welcome email screenshot gif
Heka Good Foods’ welcome automation.

Segment Your Welcome Emails

For a more advanced welcome email, you can use Matcha Subscriber data to segment emails for different audiences. You can even turn a single welcome email into a highly relevant series of emails.

When you capture a new email address using locked content, Matcha automatically pushes the subscriber’s email address into Mailchimp, along with data about the content that person converted on. This includes the article topic, title, associated persona, and custom tags. Use the data in Mailchimp to segment your emails and provide more relevant content and offers.

Matcha Subscribers product screenshot
Send better segmented emails using subscriber data from Matcha

Key Takeaways

Welcome emails are essential for email marketing success. With Matcha + Mailchimp, a great welcome email is easy to create. When you don’t have a welcome automation, you’re missing out on the best opportunity to engage new subscribers and drive them back to your site.

And getting started is simple! Head over to Mailchimp to set up your welcome automation, and use Matcha content to engage subscribers reading your welcome email. This will create value for your subscribers and incentivize them to open future next emails from your brand.

Hungry for more tips and inspiration on how to use Matcha to engage your subscribers? Check out these resources.

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