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Optimize your Shopify blog with Matcha

Blogging on Shopify? Explore all the features included in Matcha’s Shopify blog optimization platform

If you don’t have a Shopify blog for your store, you’re missing out. 

According to Shopify, your blog is a critical element to long-term ecommerce success. Not only can a blog help you nurture your customer relationships, but it can also help you at all stages of your marketing funnel.

Still, with all of Shopify’s praise of blogging, the Shopify CMS lacks many critical elements that will lead to content marketing success for your store. That’s where Matcha’s new blog optimization platform comes in. 

With Matcha, Shopify store owners can finally put their blog to work for their business, seamlessly bridging the gap between content and commerce with content optimization tools and intuitive content analytics. 

Try the Matcha Blog Creator with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

Curious about what’s included in the platform? Read on for an in-depth overview of all the Matcha features accessible by Shopify blogs. 

14 Ways to Use Matcha’s Shopify Blog Optimization Platform to Bridge Content and Commerce for Your  Store

1. Connect your Shopify Blog to instantly access all features. 

Get started with Matcha in seconds by easily connecting your blog using our Shopify integration. When you connect your blog to Matcha, you’ll be able to optimize every blog post on your Shopify blog with content conversion tools and finally understand your content’s impact on the bottom line. 

2. Create performant content with heightened functionality.

Using the Matcha Blog Creator, edit existing content or create new content with blogging functionality leaps and bounds ahead of the Shopify CMS. As you write, see a live preview to the left of your blog post so you can clearly see what your final blog will look like. Add in subscriber forms, product listings, and easily adjust in-line images or embed user generated content from Instagram or Youtube. Save as a draft, schedule for future publication, or publish instantly to your Shopify blog once done.

3. Leverage guided blog post templates to jump start your ideation and writing process.

Not sure what to write about or how to write it for the specific content marketing goals you have in mind? Leverage our pre-formatted and fully editable blog post templates to get started. Use these templates for their tips and tricks for SEO optimization AND to assure you blog post is optimally formatted for its content type, its content goal, and overall readability.

Blog Post Template Colelctionfrom Matcha

4. Optimize your blog posts’ SEO.

Easily add alt text and meta data to your blog posts to optimize for SEO, adjust your url structure to highlight keywords, and track your word count and link count as you write to make sure you are hitting your targets. Additionally, use quick tips in-app to learn SEO best practices while you write!

5. Embed dynamic product listings into your Shopify blog posts in one click.

With Matcha’s product listings feature, Shopify store owners can easily select and embed their products and product collections to be featured within their content. Now new readers will become instantly product aware while they are  enjoying your business’ blog post. Choose between “Add to Cart” and “View Product” CTAs, and easily customize your product listings to match your brand’s colors.

Instantly embed dynamic product ads to your Shopify Blog with Matcha

6. Gate your content with a customizable locked form to grow your email subscriber list! 

 Grow your email list with Matcha’s locked content feature. After you’ve connected your Shopify store, customize your locked content form to your liking, then toggle the form on and off to gate your blog content to your liking. When promoting locked content on Facebook and optimizing for cost-per-lead, store owners can grow their email list at a cost as low as $1-$3 per lead and a conversion rate of over 15%.

7. Understand your subscribers and segment them by content interest for targeted email campaigns!

Now you can finally segment your email subscribers based on their interests and speak to them more directly in your email campaigns. Add tags to your Shopify blog content in the “My Content” section of your Matcha app to create different main topics-of-interest for your existing content. 

Segment your email list with Matcha's Subscribers feature.

When a new blog reader becomes an email subscriber, Matcha’s “Subscribers” feature will track 1) the title of converting blog post 2) all custom tags associated with that content 3) the source of that subscriber’s traffic and 4) your subscriber’s location. Export this information to Mailchimp or Klaviyo to create targeted email campaigns. Don’t use either of these? You can also export a .csv file of this data to upload to your store’s ESP. 

From there, the Subscribers feature will continue to track that new subscriber’s purchase behavior. Soon, you’ll be able to see which of your new subscribers are your best customers!

8. Discover how your blog content impacts your store’s revenue and the growth of your email list.

With Matcha Insights, Shopify merchants can easily learn how their blog content is impacting their store sales. See how much revenue in total each piece of your blog content has influenced in any given period of time. Additionally, discover what blog posts are resulting in the most new email subscribers. Use this data to help inform a full-funnel content strategy. 

Discover how your Shopify Blog influences store revenue with Matcha

9. Measure what content drives the most traffic and engagement. 

Matcha Insights doesn’t just provide data on lead generation and revenue influence! With Insights, you can also discover which of your blog posts attract the most readers and have the highest engagement rate. Additionally, see what blog content keeps readers reading the longest and uncover how your readers are discovering your content with “sources.”

Get powerful data on your Shopify Blog with Matcha

10. Schedule your content to Facebook.

Connect your Facebook Page and schedule your blog content to post immediately or at some point in the future. Get prompted after every publish so you never forget to share your new blog post with your followers!

11. Beautifully feature content in emails with easy copy + paste functionality for Mailchimp or Klaviyo.

Quality content featured in emails drives more opens and more click throughs to your site than product alone. Use Matcha’s easy copy + paste share feature to embed elegant content previews into your Mailchimp or Klaviyo campaigns.

12. See how content influences email open rates, click-to-open rates, and site traffic. 

With Matcha’s Mailchimp integration, ecommerce marketers can also see the impact of using content in email marketing

See the impact of using blog content in your Mailchimp email campaigns with Matcha

13. Instantly publish up to  1 piece of free licensed content to your blog each month

Every month, Matcha curates a selection of content from our library of 10,000 professional pieces of licensed content. Matcha users can then publish up to 1 piece/month from this selection for free! Licensed content is a low-cost and low-effort way to learn more about performant categories and fuel your social media and email channels with engaging content for your audience.

 Studies show licensed content performs comparably to custom content for driving low-cost site traffic and leads, and because of canonical tags, there is no impact on your site’s SEO! Want more content? Unlock publication of additional library content starting at just $49/month.

Publish licensed content instantly to your Shopify blog with Matcha

14. Customize your licensed content to better suit your unique brand!

When publishing a licensed article from Matcha’s library, it’s easy to make the content unique to your business. With Matcha’s customization feature, you can change the feature image, adjust the title, and add a branded blurb before or after the piece! 

Customize Licensed content with Matcha

Try the Matcha Blog Creator with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

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