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Matcha Now Offers More Best-in-Class Health & Fitness Content

New health & fitness articles include content covering exercise routines, training plans, healthy living advice, recipes, dieting, and more—all available to publish in just a few clicks.

One thousand one…one thousand two…one thousand three…oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. I was just working my biceps. Traps are next — can you spot me?

If your audience is into working out, getting fit, and living a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be pumped to know that Matcha has added nearly 1,000 new articles to our content library that are perfect for you.

These new articles include routines for the gym, training plans for runners, tips for eating healthy and losing weight, delicious recipes, advice on living an overall healthy life, and more!

From the Matcha content library, you can instantly publish these articles directly to your blog. Licensed content like this is a marketer’s secret weapon because it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to:

  • Quickly drive high-quality traffic to your site.
  • Grow your email list.
  • Increase sales and loyalty.

Best-in-class health & fitness content is now available in Matcha

These new articles come from Coach, an expert in health & fitness content. The editorial voice is rooted in reality—train for a 10k instead of how to run your first Ultra-Marathon. Articles are well-written and informative. Outdoors, fitness, and nutrition brands alike can leverage this content to reach fitness & health-minded consumers.

Ella Olsson

While Coach’s target demographic is health-conscious men ages 25 to 55, you’ll find articles that cut across gender and age. In fact, they describe their content as helping “more people become fitter, healthier and happier. No fads, no trends, just trustworthy, useful advice and plenty of inspiration.” Perfect for brands that want to build trust and authority with the health & fitness crowd.

The Coach content in the Matcha library is perfect for:

  • Fitness and nutrition brands
  • Men’s health and lifestyle brands
  • Running brands
  • Men looking for great fitness advice without the intimidation of other publications
  • All active people hoping to train for events, eat for performance, etc.
  • Cycling brands
  • Training and wellness brands

With this health & fitness content in the Matcha library, you can instantly publish these articles directly to your blog (completely ad-free). Then use these posts to attract your target audiences to your site in the most cost-efficient way possible (Matcha can do it for you). And now, Matcha allows you to take advantage of this content on your website to engage your audience and positively impact your bottom line.

Examples of health & fitness content in the Matcha library

To find this new content, simply go to the Matcha content library and filter by the publisher Coach. You’ll find a wealth of articles that will get your audience’s blood flowing and fingers clicking to your site. You might even need to send them an article on carpal tunnel.

Sample of Health & Fitness Content in the Matcha Library

Screenshot - Coach health and fitness content on Matcha

There’s even more to see in the library! Check it out here (Matcha login required).

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