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Matcha and NewsCred parter to help more small business with content marketing

Matcha Partners with NewsCred to Bring Content Marketing to More Small Brands

Matcha will now offer content marketing solutions for fitness & wellness, home & family, beauty & fashion, and food & beverage brands!

Today, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with NewsCred, the leading provider of enterprise content marketing technology and services. Through this partnership, Matcha will expand beyond the outdoor and travel verticals to help small brands in the fitness & wellness, home & family, beauty & fashion, and food & beverage sectors grow their companies using content!

Matcha is a done-for-you content marketing solution used by hundreds of small brands to attract, convert, and retain more customers. Our world-class content supercharges your paid social, email, and SEO efforts without you having to lift a finger.

Through the partnership with NewsCred, we will expand the Matcha library to over 15,000 professionally written articles that can be instantly published to your own blog. We will offer a breadth of content perfect for fitness & wellness, home & family, beauty & fashion, and food & beverage brands while also deepening our existing outdoor and travel library.

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No longer will great content be off-limits to small and growing brands due to time and budget constraints!

Expanding to help more small and growing brands

For years, Matcha has helped small and mid-sized brands and retailers in the outdoor and travel industries grow their businesses. For example, the online retailer Campman used Matcha to improve revenue from email marketing by 10x.

Campman succeed with Matcha done-for-you content marketing

As Matcha continued its growth in 2018, we began evaluating partnerships that would allow us to expand our solution to more businesses selling direct-to-consumer. NewsCred emerged as a clear strategic partner, given its relationships with over 3,000 premium publishers and a content marketplace of hundreds of thousands of articles. Over the last decade, the company, founded by Shafqat Islam, has defined the content marketing category by helping marketers reconcile with a new normal: that content, rather than traditional advertising, is the fuel of the modern marketing machine.

Similar to NewsCred, Matcha incorporates licensable content, custom content services, and analytics, but we’ve tailored our solution to small businesses who need more help with content promotion and distribution.

Matcha content library and analytics

How Matcha works

Matcha combines software and services to provide an affordable solution to the challenges of content production, promotion, and measurement for small businesses.

  • Solving the content supply problem: Thanks to the partnership with NewsCred, Matcha will now boast a content library of over 15,000 articles that small business marketers can instantly publish to use for more effective prospecting and email marketing. Matcha also manages a network of hundreds of professional freelance writers and photographers with expertise across verticals to create bespoke, original content that deepens brand storytelling and customer engagement.
  • Enabling smart distribution: Matcha includes paid social media planning and management without a prohibitive agency retainer to ensure content is driving cost-effective traffic from the right audiences. Matcha content can also make your email newsletter more engaging and drive more revenue.
  • Proving content performance and leveraging content insights: Robust analytics and one-on-one consultations allow small businesses to understand the ROI of content marketing by showing how content impacts email and paid social performance, on-site engagement, lead generation, and revenue.

For our current customers

Be on the lookout for a couple of exciting next steps:

  1. Your Project Manager will be adding newly curated content from new publishers to your content calendar over the next few months.
  2. We’ll be sending an email update every couple weeks to highlight new content available in the Matcha marketplace.

As always, your Project Manager is available to answer any questions and provide support.

For small businesses & lean marketing teams we haven’t met yet

Our customers are typically small and medium-sized companies who don’t have the time or resources to create high-performing content. That limits their ability to keep their current customers engaged and attract new customers using platforms like Facebook and channels like email.

We like to think of Matcha as content marketing done-for-you. We provide best-in-class content, everything you need to optimize content for traffic and leads, and analytics and expertise to provide deep insights that empower lean marketing teams with clear insights.

If you’d like to learn more about our content and the support we can provide, we’d love to chat!

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