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Matcha Adds Blog Content for Brands Targeting the Women’s Health and Fitness Enthusiast

Hook Your Audience with Women’s Health & Fitness Blog Content Now in the Matcha Library

If your target audience consists of women leading a healthier lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, and wellness, Matcha has new content you can instantly publish to your blog to attract and retain customers.

Matcha is excited to introduce our newest publisher in our library of more than 10,000 articles: Oxygen Magazine. With content spanning workout plans, women’s health and mental health, delicious healthy recipes, expert nutrition tips, Oxygen offers great content for women that see fitness & wellness as a lifestyle.

With the Matcha library, you can instantly publish professionally-written Oxygen articles directly to your blog. Licensed content is a marketer’s secret weapon because is is the most cost-effective way to:

Oxygen Magazine blog content available for publication from Matcha!

All Gain, No Pain: Publish Women’s Health & Fitness Articles to Your Blog in Two Clicks

With Oxygen’s empowering voice and informative articles, readers will be inspired to live their healthiest lives. Health and fitness brands can leverage this content to serve as thought-leaders in their industry and reach health & fitness minded consumers.

Oxygen Content in the Matcha Library is perfect for:

  • Fitness and Wellness Businesses
  • Women’s Health and Lifestyle Brands
  • Exercise and Training Brands
  • Healthy Food and Diet Brands
  • Brands Selling Health & Wellness Supplements
  • Personal Trainers, Wellness Coaches, and Nutritionists
  • Running Brands
  • Clean Eating and Clean Lifestyle Brands
  • Women’s Fitness Apparel and Accessories Brands
  • Healthy Living or Hospital Blogs

Intrigued? Preview some of the Oxygen Content Below!

Get a sneak peak on the Oxygen content available for instant publication from the Matcha library! Worried about duplicate publication and SEO? Don’t be. Thanks to the canonical tagging within licensed content, your SEO will not be impacted. Now, on to the good stuff: read on to preview the health and fitness content in Matcha’s library!

1. The Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Meal Plan

Photo Courtesy of Oxygen Magazine

Preview: We’ve uncovered the latest in sports science nutrition to divine the best foods and eating patterns to use around specific fitness activities. Use this as a guideline for the best way to fuel up before training and top off your tank when you’re done!

2. 7 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Photo courtesy of Oxygen magazine

Preview: As research shows time and time again, chronic stress can lead to serious health problems. Use these strategies to keep stress at bay and boost your mental and physical well-being.

3. The Benefits of Balance and Stability Training

Photo courtesy of Oxygen Magazine

Preview Text: While balance and stability training may often take a back seat to strength training and cardio, you can benefit immensely by regularly practicing these training protocols. Explore the many advantages of training on unstable surfaces.

4. 17-Minute Total-Body Workout

Photo courtesy of Oxygen Magazine

Preview text: This speedy workout promises a total-body workout with only five equipment-optional moves.

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