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Meet Matcha: Announcing RootsRated Media is Rebranding

RootsRated Media is excited to unveil our new brand, Matcha.

I’m excited to share that RootsRated Media is now Matcha! With the new name, we’ve also rolled out a new logo, website, and look and feel.

Our new brand identity, Matcha, speaks more clearly to our commitment to help lean marketing teams unlock the power of content to fuel sustainable growth.

Why rebrand?

In 2016, we launched RootsRated Media with a hypothesis. Great content marketing that drives growth had been off limits for lean marketing teams for too long due to three key challenges:

Challenges of Content Marketing

We believed that we could solve all of these problems and unlock the power of content for time-strapped marketers. We had the requisite experience from building the publishing business,, and growing it into one of the most popular sites in the outdoor industry. We developed software and layered in services to create a holistic solution for lean marketing teams to solve the three content marketing challenges of supply, distribution, and measurement.

Very quickly we saw that we were onto something. We partnered with hundreds of customers who helped us refine our content marketing solution and prove that it not only worked, but it helped them to drive significant results for their businesses. The RootsRated Media experiment was successful.

So, we began to work on a new brand identity that better reflected our belief that when storytelling is both artful and scientific, marketers can create customer experiences that drive real results and growth. We needed to differentiate from the outdoor brand of RootsRated and something that would focus our efforts to help lean marketing teams unleash the power of content.

Why Matcha?

Just as Matcha tea provides lasting energy to the drinker, we believe our content, insights, and services act as fuel to boost marketing efforts and drive sustainable growth for lean marketing teams.

Fuel your growth and boost marketing with Matcha

We chose the name Matcha because we found that the attributes of Matcha tea mirror the benefits we strive to provide for our customers.

The fuel Matcha provides is stable energy, delivering a sustained lift to your business, instead of unsustainable, short-term hacks.

Matcha has three core beliefs

Matcha believes in the power of content

The Power of Content
Personalized Storytelling. Competitive Advantage. Sustainable Growth.
Matcha believes great content is what separates mediocre marketing from stand out success. Content differentiates the brand, attracts audiences, builds the tribe, and keeps customers coming back. Content is not a tactic or random activity. Instead, it is a lasting strategy to grow your business.

Scientific Storytelling
Results-Driven. Impactful. ROI.
We believe that content should deliver tangible results to the business. Data-driven content marketing provides marketers with actionable insights to grow the business, optimize marketing efforts, and deliver a positive ROI. We facilitate improvement through data, allowing marketers to be more personalized.

The Lean Marketing Team
The Underdog. The Upstart. The Visionary.
We believe in the lean marketing team’s ability to punch above their weight. Being a small team shouldn’t impede substantial achievements. We are inspired by the tenacity, drive, and relentlessness of marketers. We believe that the marketer with an endless to-do list should be able to achieve more.

Where we’re headed

So far in 2018, we’ve expanded Matcha’s capabilities including integrating with MailChimp and lead form tracking to show how content drives lead acquisition. In the next 6 months, we will continue to add more features, integrations, and services to deliver an even better, more holistic solution to fuel personalized content marketing at scale and understand the influence of content across channels, audience segments, and importantly, on revenue.

Matcha’s scope will expand from articles into photos and video to unlock engaging and compliant use of photography and videography in content programs.

Ultimately, we will continue to make storytelling, personalization, smart distribution, performance-driven content marketing, and measurement both easy and performant for your business.

Thank you for your support

We believe to empower lean marketing teams, we must not just provide software, but instead aim to deliver a holistic solution that acts as an extension of your marketing team. We’re building Matcha to optimize and measure content across the marketing stack, and to continue streamlining the delivery of content strategy, production, and deployment. With origins as a publisher, Matcha is steeped in experience to help our partners fuel growth through storytelling.

We are grateful to have the opportunity and privilege to build solutions for our customers, and we are excited to work alongside you on the journey ahead.

Let’s go!

Questions? We’re always happy to chat over a (virtual) cup of tea! Get in touch now.

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