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[03-25-20] 🍵 Free Resources, Data & Virtual Malls

Morning Matcha: 03-25-20

Welcome to the Morning Matcha. We’re switching things up with our newsletter to provide you the latest on the ecommerce marketing world. Each week you can expect a curated collection of hot news, educational pieces, updates from Matcha, and more. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


Data…It’s Trending

The jury’s still out on how COVID–19 will impact ecommerce businesses in the long term, with stores in certain industries seeing a sudden surge in sales while others see a slow down.

We’re keeping up with this ecommerce retail pulse that is tracking data from a sampling of e-commerce stores across different industries and providing daily updates on trends.


Let’s go to the (virtual) mall!

As people spend more time in insolation, creativity is blooming. Our favorite example from this week? This virtual mall made entirely on Google Sheets. 

A true feat of genius (or insanity), this mall can be browsed by visitors by way of the google sheets’ tabs. Visitors can then discover links to ecommerce sites in various industries and begin their virtual shopping spree! The best part? When you request edit access to the doc, you can add your own ecommerce store to the virtual mall!

But this isn’t the only opportunity for small businesses to get the word out. Privy will be launching  soon as an opportunity to get the word out about supporting small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you own a small ecommerce store, you can submit your store to be featured in the marketplace!

20th Century Fox Televison

Give, Give, Ask: Free Content on COVID-19.

Content marketing is all about giving your audience value before asking them to buy. Now is the time to give.

The new “Free this month” feature in the Matcha library allows anyone with an account to instantly publish an article from our collection of COVID-19 pieces, ranging in topics from home workouts to immunity boosting tips. 

Don’t worry– publishing a free article will not count against your monthly publication quota. After publishing, be sure to share with your audience on social and in email to build their trust in your brand!


Fill in the Blank

Businesses that regularly blog for 6+ months see ____% of sales influenced by content.

A) 6% B) 9% C) 12% D) 18%

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


Ecommerce Marketing: Time to shake things up

If you are like most brands, the coronvirus has likely thrown a wrench in your marketing plans. If you are trying to figure out how to navigate these murky waters, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite reads from this week on how to approach your marketing strategy at this time:


Content for COVID-19

Now is the opportune time to focus on building a strong foundation with your customers by providing them with content that will help them during this uncertain time.  Here are three of our favorites:


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The Answer

C: 12%

Well, how’d you do? Got it right great! Got it wrong? No worries– we didn’t tell you to study! But if you want to study up, learn this stat and more in our 2020 Blogging Benchmark Report

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