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morningmatcha april 1 2020

[04-01-20] 🍵 The Latest E-Commerce Trends & Data

morning matcha april 1 2020
Your Morning Matcha for April 1, 2020. 

In today’s Morning Matcha:  Free resources for e-commerce marketers,  hot data on e-commerce trends, and best practices for COVID-19 marketing.


We’re all in this together

Often a devastating crisis paves the way for increased unity. With the coronavirus, it’s no different.

From Shopify extending its 14 day free trial to 90 days to Facebook pledging $100M in small business grants, companies everywhere are taking major steps to support small businesses during COVID-19.

Unable to find a list of all the new free resources available to e-commerce merchants, we made our own. Check out it here:

free resources for ecommerce marketers

Don’t stand so close to me

Social distancing continues to have a huge impact on the digital advertising world. According to a recent studyimages of human interaction in social media ads has declined by 27.4%, while images featuring hand washing or water splashing has risen to 6x the normal rate. 

Screens are also now appearing in 39% of social ad images, perhaps reflecting the fact that 45% of global consumers now report spending more time on social media than before the coronavirus outbreak.

Our Take?

  1.  If you haven’t already, take a hyper-sensitive look at your ad imagery and copy to make sure they match the times. 
  2. Your audience is online now more than ever. Now is a great time to provide value and entertain them with live streams, blog content, and more and build their brand trust. 

What’s Hot in E-commerce Data

  • Up from 29% last week, Klaviyo reports more than 46% of surveyed respondents say sales are going up. Consumers are shifting dollars to new essentials like health and fitness, self-care, comfy clothes, and housewares.
  • According to WITHIN’s data, e-commerce luxury brands have seen a revenue comeback after being nearly 40% down from its pre-covid benchmark. 
  • Month-over-Month sales for Baby Products is up 1,196.8% according to data from Shipbop.

Fill in the Blank

Promoting e-commerce blog content on Facebook drives traffic at a ___ lower cost than product ads.

A) 22%
B) 45%
C) 67%
D) 96%

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


The Do’s & Don’ts of COVID-19 Marketing

COVID-19 has created a new norm in all areas of our lives, and how you message your brand and product to the market is no exception.

We’ve compiled our top reads and resources from the past week of marketing in the age of COVID-19: 


Content for Quarantine

Marketers everywhere are saying that a key strategy during the coronavirus crisis is to focus on continual engagement with consumers through quality content creation.

Our featured articles from the Matcha Library this week focus on activities that consumers everywhere are trying to adapt for the home. These pieces can all be published instantly from the library to your bog with a Matcha account!

  • The best tips for working from home, from people who do it all the time– from Popular Science

    The transition to working from home can seem daunting, but it will be made easier by these tips from work-from-home professionals!
  • Anyone can use this bodyweight workout to get fit at home – from Coach Magazine

    Everyone’s asking it: how do I keep up my fitness when I can’t go to the gym? This tri-set circuit workout will help you feel the burn at home.
  • How to quarantine with your partner without destroying your relationship – from Popular Science

    These professional tips will help keep your relationship strong in the midst of added living-at-home tensions.

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The Answer

D: 96%

That’s right, according to the 2020 Blogging Benchmark Report , which researched thousands of e-commerce Facebook campaigns, the average CPC for a content ad was $0.09 in 2019 vs. $1.72 across all Ads. 

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