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[04-08-20] 🍵 Top 100 E-Comm Winners During COVID19

morning matcha april 8 2020
Your Morning Matcha for April 8, 2020. 

In this week’s Morning MatchaThe top 100 most and least successful e-commerce verticals in March, tips for pivoting your marketing strategy during COVID-19, recommended e-commerce podcasts, and the latest e-comm data.


 The Top 100: COVID-19 Edition

Thanks to stay-at-home orders, consumers are increasingly spending their dollars online instead of in-store. 

Surprisingly, it’s not just pandemic panic purchases that have caused this uptick in e-commerce purchasing.

Stackline reviewed e-commerce sales across the U.S. and made the ultimate infographic featuring the Top 100 Gaining and Top 100 Declining e-commerce categories in March.

One of the most interesting data points? Only second to disposable gloves, bread machine purchases saw a 652% increase in March.

bread machines were a top seller during covid19
Photo by Disney

Let’s get creative!

Though the circumstances of our collective social distancing are not ideal, there is a bright side: studies show creativity flows more when we are alone.

That’s great news, since businesses everywhere are rapidly shifting their marketing strategies to adjust for the times.

Bottom line: consumers will remember how brands market during COVID-19.

This new guide  explores 9 effective ways to empathetically a pivot your e-commerce marketing strategy and consumer messaging during the pandemic. Hint: Don’t emulate Corona beer’s “Coming Ashore Soon” campaign.

ecommerce marketing strategies during covid19

What’s Hot in E-Commerce Data

  • Not just a panic buy. It’s still a great time to be in the Essential’s Category. WITHIN’s data shows a continued increase, marking a 254% increase against its YOY benchmark
  • Content is King. A recent study shows, 87% of US Consumers say they are consuming more content across media channels because of COVID-19. 
  • This for That.  42% of consumers report they are now shopping more online, and 53% are actively discovering and buying new brands
  • E-commerce is trending up. Common Thread Collective’s analysis shows that e-commerce sales are up 25.06% on average. The industries showing decline? Fashion & Apparel, Automotive & Tools, and Travel Accessories. 

Fill in the blank:

Last week, Shipbob reported that sales in the ___ category were up 1,196.8% MoM due to COVID-19?.

A) Home Fitness
B) Baby Products
C) Food & Beverage
D) Vitamins & Supplements

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


Tired of reading? Listen in to up your game!

We realize not everyone learns their best by reading! That’s why this week we’ve compiled a few podcasts on strategies and new softwares for e-commerce marketing, as well as promising live webinar coming soon. 


New Matcha Publisher: Saveur

The Matcha library is constantly expanding its offering of 10,000+ instantly-publishable licensed articles from top publishers.

We’re excited to announce our newest addition to the library: Saveur, a gourmet food, wine, and travel magazine that specializes in delicious recipes and essays about various world cuisines. 


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The Answer

B: Baby Products

That’s right! This was a stat covered in last week’s Morning Matcha! And guess what? This week Shipbob is showing an even higher percentage of sales MoM. Baby products are now up 2,310% MoM (though week-over-week they are down by 33.8%.) 

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