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rothys announces open innovation coalition

[04-15-20] 🍵 The E-comm Tsunami + Free Matcha!

morning matcha april 15 2020
Your Morning Matcha for April 15, 2020.

In today’s newsletter: Hypotheses for ecommerce growth, FBA back online, DTC companies help with PPE, new data on consumer behavior, how to navigate COVID19, and how to access free Matcha platform.


Matcha Platform Now Free Forever to New Users

In the COVID-19 world, sales-forward marketing strategies aren’t resonating, and marketers everywhere are shining a new spotlight on content marketing. 

Those of us at Matcha firmly believe a blog can be the biggest asset for business growth, especially in the context of the world today.

But: we know budgets are tight right now.

That’s why, as of today, we’re making the Matcha Platform (normally $29/month) free forever to all users that sign up during COVID-19.


A Tidal Wave of E-commerce Growth?

With Amazon facing fulfillment issues and only 17% of consumers concerned about shopping well-known brands, online and DTC brands have a huge opportunity to grow.

Klaviyo’s got the analysis behind the state of things and top tips for new ecommerce growth in the midst of COVID-19 in their new post, “The End of Stores? The Ecommerce Tsunami Is Coming.

Photo by Klaviyo

Third-Party Partners Rejoice!

After weeks of prioritizing the shipments of essential goods, Amazon announced that later this week it will start to allow third-party shippers to ship limited amounts of their nonessential items to its warehouses.

While third-party merchants were always allowed to sell through Amazon, now they can again ship their products using Fulfillment by Amazon. 


What’s Hot in E-Commerce Data

  • Free shipping or bust. 70% of shoppers say product availability and free shipping are top factors when choosing where they shop online. 
  • Please sir, may I have some more? A study from Unruly shows consumers want brands to use content to provide a sense of normality during this time. They most want content that is Informative (49%)warm or happy (37%), or inspirational (33%)
  • A little puzzling.  Sales for a 136-year-old puzzle making company are better than ever. Ravensburger has seen a 370% YoY growth in its U.S. puzzle sales due to high-demand from quarantined consumers. That’s about 20 puzzles sold each minute.   

What ecommerce growing was ranked 2nd highest for the most growth in March 2020?

A) Face Masks
B) Toilet Paper
C) Bread Machines
D) Disposable Gloves

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


DTC & PPE: Supporting the Front Lines

Last week, after surveying their 300k+ instagram followers on how they can help during the crisis, DTC shoe brand Rothy’s  developed their Open Innovation Coalition.

In addition to devoting 30% of their manufacturing time towards making masks for COVID-19 prevention, Rothy’s is also open-source sharing their manufacturing know-how with other businesses interested in making similar items. 

Companies can join the coalition by emailing

rothy's open innovation coalition announcement on instagram
Photo by Rothys

Our top picks for e-commerce marketing learning

This week we’ve compiled a list of new resources that we’ve found particularly insightful for navigating the waters of our new reality in the e-commerce world:


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The Answer

C: Bread Machines

That’s right! This was a stat covered in last week’s Morning Matcha. If you guessed disposable gloves, you were close! That was the #1 growing e-commerce item in March 2020.

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