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photo by Klaviyo

[04-22-20] 🍵 Stimulus Checks & E-commerce Growth

morning matcha april 22 2020
Your Morning Matcha for April 22, 2020.

In today’s newsletter: Alternatives to “unprecedented times”, stimulus checks’ impact on ecommerce, outmaneuvering the competition in 2020, and how to improve blogging for ecommerce. 


Ecommerce Blogging: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

More and more ecommerce marketers are turning to content to aid their full-funnel marketing strategy, but blogging for ecommerce isn’t always easy.

In his latest article, Matcha’s CEO Fynn Glover dives into why the Shopify Blog is the biggest missed opportunity for ecommerce marketers.

Matcha’s on a mission to improve the ecommerce blogging experience, so we’d love to hear from you!

Take our brief 4-question survey on the frustrations of blogging, and we’ll use this data to help further improve our free blog optimization platform


We’re over “unprecedented times.”

How many times have you heard the phrase “unprecedented times” in the past month? About 7,382,457 right? Right.

Thankfully, there’s this infographic with 30 creative synonyms to the phrase so that you can continue to communicate effectively with your audience, but do it a little more authentically than the average marketer.

Stimulus checks stimulating ecommerce?

Klaviyo reports average daily sales across 32,000 ecommerce stores in April increased 39% above March averages. April 16 alone saw a 123% higher revenue than an average day in January.

Meanwhile, another report from Emarsys and GoodData shows ecommerce sales are up 80% in North America since January 2020. 

Though the April 16 spike may have to do with stimulus checks, it is predicted the rise in ecommerce sales will continue as we enter our “new normal” as a society.

the ecommerce tsunami during covid19
Photo by Klaviyo

Fill in the blank:

__ % of shoppers say product availability and free shipping are top factors when choosing where they shop online.

A) 58%
B) 64%
C) 70%
D) 77%

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


Outmaneuvering the competition in 2020

Data over the past few weeks has shown time and time again that ecommerce is increasingly a rapidly growing landscape. Still, on an individual level, ecommerce businesses must focus on out-marketing their competitors. Here are some great reads to help you to do just that:


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The Answer

C: 70%

That’s right! This was a stat covered in last week’s Morning Matcha. Free shipping remains a huge consideration, even during stay-at-home orders.

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