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[04-29-20] 🍵 Sell on Google Free + Amazon Scamazon

morning matcha april 29 2020
Your Morning Matcha for April 29, 2020. 

In today’s newsletter: Blog ideas for recent trends, WSJ alleges Amazon steals data for profit, free Google Shopping listings announced, and how to manage your store during COVID-19.


Give the people what they want!

In their recent blog post, Moz uncovered new google search trends undoubtedly related to COVID-19. Unsurprisingly, keyphrases seeing the biggest uptick are related to health & wellness.

We took these key-phrases and brainstormed 50 fitness, health & wellness blog ideas for ecommerce brands to write about in the coming weeks. 

With people searching for answers and consuming content at higher rates, there is a big opportunity for a topical blog post to provide value to your audience and improve your store’s SEO. 


 Amazon Scamazon?

Last week, after interviewing 20 former amazon employees, The Wall Street Journal released an exposé alleging that Amazon used the sales data of third-party sellers to develop private label products.

This goes directly against what Amazon previously told Congress and its own employees–that they do no such thing.

Amazon is disputing the claim and says it will launch an internal investigation.

Wall Street Journal

What’s Hot in E-Commerce Data

  • 351%: The percent increase in Pinterest searches for “support small businesses” in the past few weeks. Also up: “zero waste products” (108%), “eco-friendly living” (93%), and “home office setup” (70%).
  • 50,000: The number of Etsy sellers that have sold at last 1 homemade face mask in the past month. 
  • 275%: The amount Target’s online sales reportedly grew in March. 
target online sales way up in March due to covid19

Fill in the blank:

Last week, Klaviyo reported that on April 16, ecommerce sales were up ___ compared to an average day in January?

A) 109%
B) 123%
C) 152%
D) 175%

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


It’s now free to sell on Google!

Although Google has long had plans to make their selling services free of advertising fees, they accelerated their timeline in light of recent global events.

This week marks the first week that Google’s product listings are free for all merchants. Now, search results on the Google Shopping tab will consist primarily of free listings in order to help merchants better connect with consumers, even if they don’t already advertise on google. 

You can read more about this game-changer for small online businesses here.

Google announces product listings are now free of advertising fees

COVID-19: Top picks for e-commerce merchants

This week we’ve compiled a list of new resources for navigating the waters of COVID-19, from the do’s and don’ts of copywriting to managing changing sales  volumes and finances for your e-commerce store:


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The Answer

B: 123%

That’s right! This was a stat covered in last week’s Morning Matcha. Klaviyo suspects this huge uptick was at least partially due to the recent distribution of stimulus checks. 

Feature Image from The Wall Street Journal

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