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earth with face mask

[05-06-20] 🍵 It’s a Spendemic

morning matcha may 6 2020
Your Morning Matcha for May 6, 2020.

In today’s newsletter: Shopify’s new consumer app, the future of DTC post-COVID19, SEO & organic traffic tips, and “Spendemic” defined.

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You better Shop around 

Last week, Shopify launched their new Shop app  to help small e-commerce stores better bridge the gap between their product and their consumers.

Those that champion the app say it could help increase new and repeat sales, but others feel the app was released prematurely, before the product and store discovery features were perfected.

Regardless, we see opportunity. We recommend stores encourage their audiences to use the app and find and follow their store!

Bonus: If your customers use the app to track their packages from your store, they will automatically “follow” you and see more of your products featured in their Shop feed. 


COVID-19 & the Future of DTC 

On Thursday, Retail Brew lead a fascinating discussion ?with the founder of Haus and 2PM on the subject of COVID-19’s impact on DTC Retail, online and off. Some key takeaways?

  • Owning your supply chain is hugely advantageous in a global pandemic.
  • With declining advertising costs across Facebook and Google, there’s more opportunity for paid growth.
  • Customer loyalty will become a greater priority for DTC businesses, as well enhancing the full customer-brand experience.
earth with a face mask
Francis Scialabba

What’s Hot in E-Commerce Data

  • 63%: The YoY percent increase in sales of Online Meal kits for the week ending April 15, according to Earnest Research. Welcome news after years of dying sales.
  • 842k: The number of people named Sarah in the U.S. It’s also roughly the number of Americans getting an Amazon paycheck (840k) after they hired 175k extra workers to handle increased demand.
  • 48.5%The percent that average daily sales were up for Klavyio’s 32k brand customers in April over aggregate sales from March.
spendemic data ecommerce graph

Find the Fake

Which of the following was not a Pinterest search term that saw a major increase in volume in March? 

A) Tiger King Face Masks
B) Home Office Set-Up
C) Zero Waste Products
D) Care Package Ideas

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


It’s a Spendemic!

Though we wish the reason for the sudden surge in ecommerce growth in recent months were different, it’s highly likely the drastic uptick in consumer demand for online purchasing is here to stay.

And now there’s a new word for the situation. “Spendemic,” as originally coined by The New York Times, is referred to as the massive increase in online shopping that resulted from the pandemic. 

We came across this turn of phrase in a Mental Floss round up of new vocabulary emerging due to the coronavirus. You can read the full list here.

ecommerce spendemic

Top picks for growing organic site traffic

This week we’re focusing on content that will help inspire and teach you to grow your organic traffic to your site, from SEO tips to creating an effective blog strategy. Remember: only 3%? of your audience is ready to buy at any given time, and capturing their organic traffic when they are not in a buying mood is essential for retargeting later!


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The Answer

A: Tiger King Face Masks

Though it seems there’s plenty to discover on Googlefor that search term, this was not among the terms that saw and uptick in Pinterest searches last month. You can check out all of those terms here?

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