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Morning Matcha Ecommerce Newsletter

Matcha’s Ecommerce Newsletter Keeps Marketers In the Know

The ecommerce industry is evolving at light speed. Matcha’s new ecommerce newsletter keeps merchants up to date. 

Digital technology and subsequently retail have evolved rapidly over the past twenty years. COVID-19’s impact on the world has made that evolution exponential as more and more consumers socially distance and turn to online sources for the majority of their shopping. 

Products that no one had a second thought about before COVID-19 have suddenly emerged as massive contenders in the online marketplace. Meanwhile, companies that operate alongside the ecommerce industry rapidly recalibrate to keep pace with this increased demand for online retail. As the economy’s fate looks dubious, still more look for ways to support struggling small businesses.

As of this writing, in the past few weeks  alone, the following major changes have impacted the ecommerce industry:  

And this is just product releases. How we market has changed too. During COVID-19, there is an increased consumer sensitivity to ad imagery and copy and an increased consumption of online content, among other things. 

It’s a lot to keep track of, which is why the Morning Matcha was created.

Morning Matcha, a new ecommerce newsletter, curates the top ecommerce news, data, and marketing tips in an entertaining weekly digest.

Every Wednesday, thousands of subscribers receive a curated collection of the latest ecommerce news sourced from all over the internet, including information on new ecommerce trends and the latest expert marketing advice for growing an ecommerce business. 

The best part? It’s broken down into a digestible format, so you can get all the latest news in just 5 minutes, leaving you more time to focus on what really matters: your store. 


A Guide to the sections of the Morning Matcha Ecommerce Newsletter:

The Matcha team has made the Morning Matcha highly skimmable, dividing their weekly newsletter into familiar sections. Here’s a breakdown of each section and what you can expect: 


This section of the Morning Matcha will always contain content that the Matcha team found particularly helpful or compelling over the previous week, from ecommerce marketing thought leadership, to helpful guides, to the most exciting news stories about the industry. Often one of the most-engaged sections of newsletters, “what we’re sipping” has featured everything from compelling podcasts to statistic-filled infographics. 


Consider this the Hallmark Card section of the newsletter. Each week, the “We Like It a Latte” section features some good news or good works from the ecommerce industry, whether it’s a fun and inventive marketing campaign that will leave you smiling, a free technology release that helps small online businesses grow, or an ecommerce business themselves giving back to the world in a meaningful way. 

We like it a latte section of morning matcha ecommerce newsletter
From the Morning Matcha March 25, 2020.


Who doesn’t love a good statistic? This section features 3 – 4 hot ecommerce stats in the news over the past week. You can expect a healthy mixture of strategic and silly data points here, to keep things exciting and entertaining. 

this data is steamy section of morning matcha ecommerce newsletter
From the Morning Matcha May 13, 2020.


Every week Matcha features an ecommerce trivia question in the Morning Matcha. You can always find the answer at the bottom of the email!

From the Morning Matcha May 13, 2020.


This section features articles, podcasts, webinars, and/or video courses curated from experts all over the internet to help you better market and operate your ecommerce business. 


Finally, last but not least, this section is reserved for the latest updates from Matcha, the creators of the Morning Matcha, and their partners, including new posts from the Matcha blog, information on upcoming ecommerce webinars, free resources kits, or a product updates for Matcha’s blog optimization platform. 


Morning Matcha Archives:

A week or two after being sent to Morning Matcha subscribers, past Morning Matcha newsletters are archived on the Matcha blog. You can explore past newsletters below!

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