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[09-16-20] 🍵 The New D2C Playbook + Ecomm News

Your Morning Matcha for September 16, 2020.  

In today’s newsletter:  How Oars + Alps blogs, the new D2C playbook, what pandemic buying habits will stick,  Walmart introduces drone delivery, blog of the week, and more. 

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Taking to the Oars with Blogging

When Alyssa Boente, Director of E-Commerce at Oars + Alps, was tasked with finding new ways to elevate brand, thought leadership, and customer loyalty, she knew reinvigorating their on-site blog was the best way to start. 

As part of lean marketing team, Alyssa needed a solution to create the most impactful content, measure results, and make any Oars + Alps readers more aware of their diverse product line in a subtle but effective way.

Read our recent case study to discover the steps Alyssa took to create a better blog for Oars + Alps (and achieve $207 of content-influenced revenue within 10 days of her first publication!) 


The D2C Party’s Over. What Comes Next?

For years, venture-backed D2C startups with compelling origin stories have been targeting mega growth by plowing thousands upon thousands of dollars into paid social media advertising, despite operating with incredibly tight margins.

Burn rates have been monstrously high and unit economics difficult to justify. And it’s only gotten worse as, over the years, Facebook Ads and the like have grown more and more expensive as more advertisers enter the market.
As this article points out, a new era of D2C is emerging, focused on sustainable scalability instead of the previous grow-at-all-costs mentality.

With this new focus, D2C brands are focused on vertically integrating their supply chains, tightening operations, and most importantly, not blowing all of their budget on paid social spend.

Read on to learn more about the Old vs. New DTC Playbook, and what brands are doing to achieve profitable growth. 


In Ecommerce News This Week

  • Shopify surveyed Canadian and US buyers on their pandemic shopping habits. 52% said they’ve shifted more of their spending online compared to earlier this year. For 18-34 year olds, the ratio was 68%. Read all of their survey’s findings here.
  • Walmart+, Walmart’s $98/year response to Amazon Prime launched yesterday. This past week, Walmart also started testing drone delivery in certain states.
  • Amazon will be hiring another 100,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada.

Which Instagram post type was found to be the most engaging in a recent study?

A) Image
B) Video
C) Image Carousel
D) Image + Video Carousel

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


 Ecommerce Blog of the Week

Get inspired by this week’s ecommerce blog of the week! Ready to start writing your own inspiring content? Sign up for the Blog Creator free trial!

Blog Post of the Week: The Filmmakers – Larissa Rhodes and Mark Crawford

Ecommerce Brand: Ministry of Supply

TL;DR: Part of Ministry of Supply’s “customer of the month” series, this interview-style article highlights a power-duo couple that creates films and music together, often while rocking Ministry of Supply apparel. 

Why we love it:  A D2C spin on a B2B case study, this article not only highlights the successes of a loyal Ministry of Supply customer, but also allows those customers to share, in their own words, why they love the Ministry of Supply product. You can’t get much more authentic with your on-site social proofing!


Our top e-commerce reads this week!

Learn something new this week with our curated top reads.


D: Image + Video Carousel

According to this study, carousel posts are the most engaging type of Instagram posts, with an average engagement of 1.92%, compared to 1.45% for videos and 1.74% for images. Carousels that mix images and videos, though, soared above the rest with average engagement rates of 2.33%.

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