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[09-09-20] 🍵 An All-New Ecommerce Podcast

Your Morning Matcha for September 9, 2020.  

In today’s newsletter:  Masters of Ecommerce: Season 2, Update for advertisers on the new iOS 14 roll out, the most engaging Instagram posts, and where to find the latest on digital marketing. 

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Season 2: Coming Soon…

Hundreds of ecommerce marketers have already enjoyed listening to the 12-episode season 1 of the new “Masters of Ecommerce podcast that launched last month!

In the series, CEO of Matcha, Fynn Glover, interviews ecommerce marketing and technology experts on the tools and practices merchants need to sustainably grow and differentiate their brands in 2020. 

Tune in now on SpotifyGoogle Podcasts, Radio Public, or Breaker to listen, or listen directly from the Masters of Ecomm site!


The Latest News for Your Marketing Stack

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Like the Morning Matcha, Stacked Marketer can be consumed in less than 5 minutes so you can easily catch up on the latest in the marketing world!


In Ecommerce News This Week

  • Many that advertise on Facebook have been worried they’d see a revenue hit soon with Apple rolling out new iOS privacy settings this month. Thankfully for advertisers, this change won’t be enforced by Apple until early 2021. Consider this your “heads up.”
  • Best Buy announced a 242% yearly lift in online sales in the U.S., and they anticipate this shift will last beyond the pandemic. This month, a quarter of Best Buy stores will be turned into shipping hubs to boost delivery speed.
  • According to this study of 22.3M Instagram posts, carousel posts are the most engaging type of Instagram posts, with an average engagement of 1.92%, compared to 1.45% for videos and 1.74% for images. Carousels that mix images and videos, though, soared above the rest with average engagement rates of 2.33%.

At the end of last quarter, GAP’s online sales surged ___, largely thanks to selling approximately ___ in face masks when stores were closed.

A) 75%, $110M
B) 85%, $140M
C) 95%, $130M
D) 120%, $160M

(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)


 Ecommerce Blog of the Week

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Blog Post of the Week: The Art and Science of CBD Mixology

Ecommerce Brand: toast

TL;DR: Curious about CBD cocktails? This article walks readers through the science behind mixing CBD and alcohol and what you can expect when you consume this combination. Toast then recommends a variety of pairings for your next cocktail from their line of flavored CBD oils. 

Why we love it:  Content marketing is very important for CBD brands due to the paid advertising restrictions still in place for this (totally legal) substance.

Toast’s blog does the job incredibly well, non-invasively incorporating their product line into a thorough and intriguing answer to a likely often-asked question.

Readers that discover this piece will not only get the answers they seek, but their awareness of toast’s product line will also be increased (without feeling as if they are being sold to.) 


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C: 95%, $130M

YoY, GAP’s total sales fell 18% by quarter-end Aug. 1, largely due to store closures caused by COVID. Its online sales, however, surged 95% and, thanks to pivoting product lines early, GAP reportedly was able to sell $130 Million in face masks.

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