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New Feature: Lead Form Tracking

Content marketing continues to evolve, and content marketing technology–like Matcha–continues to evolve right along with it. Our most recent product developments are focused on helping marketers quantify and understand content’s impact on their bottom line.

Today, we’re excited to announce our latest feature release: lead form tracking.

Lead form tracking allows Matcha users to measure lead form submissions from readers who have interacted with your content marketing. Each new submission is attributed to the most recent asset a reader viewed, visible in the Analytics tab within the Matcha app.

It’s now possible to see which articles capture the most leads, and to use that data to tailor future strategies accordingly. In addition, since only leads who have interacted with content are tracked within Matcha, you can determine what percentage of your email acquisitions were influenced by content marketing.

The feature is available today in the app for all new and existing customers, requiring only the flip of a switch to activate. The tool will automatically recognize lead forms from MailChimp, DemandWare and HubSpot, and forms from other providers may be manually added by working with our customer success team.

Matcha continues to work toward understanding the effect content has on your business across all stages of the buyer’s journey. Lead form tracking is a step further in this direction, helping to take the guesswork out of your content marketing.

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