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Content marketing ROI for ecommerce

New Feature: Matcha Integrates with Shopify to Show Content Marketing ROI

How do you measure content marketing ROI?

One of the hardest things for brand and e-commerce marketers is to measure and understand the influence of content marketing—blog articles, videos, etc.—on revenue. Most marketers believe that content is critical for achieving growth. In fact, we’ve heard many marketers describe great content as the fuel that powers their marketing campaigns.

But, marketers face the same frustrating dilemma. It remains highly difficult, if not near impossible, to measure and defend content marketing when the CEO asks simply, “what’s all that content doing for the business?”

You may have experienced the dissatisfying feeling that comes from not being able to defend the killer blog article that drove thousands of visitors to the site and dozens of leads, or that beautiful viral video that got people sharing your content with hundreds of their friends and connections.

We know, anecdotally, that great content leads to great e-commerce performance. When you deliver the right article or video to the right audience at the right time, you drive site traffic, increase engagement, generate leads, retain customers, and ultimately influence revenue. The right content fuels customer acquisition and retention and it’s critical to creating competitive advantage in a world of intense competition from early stage brands, defensive incumbents, and Amazon.

However, to show that your content is influencing purchases remains a black box for most marketers. It’s particularly difficult if you’re promoting content across social, paid media, and your email newsletter to understand how content moves the needle. There’s no true content KPI.

Google Analytics, Facebook, and Shopify do a great job showing product page flows and campaign-based ROI, but none of them show the revenue influenced by individual blog articles or by the broader content marketing tactics you’re employing to influence customers across the funnel.

See how content fuels your e-commerce performance

Today, I’m excited to announce our new Shopify integration. Very simply, the integration allows you to see the influence of content—blog posts, articles, and other forms of content marketing—on revenue.

Content marketing ROI with Matcha integration to Shopify

Shopify users can now see ROI analytics in their Matcha dashboard and understand how content is influencing purchases. Specifically, you can:

1. Understand how important content is on the path to purchase
With the Shopify integration, you will see:

  • How much revenue was influenced by content as a percent of total revenue
  • How many customers have read at least one article
  • Average number of reads per purchase
  • Total revenue influenced by individual articles

2. Optimize content marketing efforts for better ROI
Review which articles are influencing the most revenue and double down on promotion for those articles. Cut out articles from your promotional mix that have lots of reads, but little to no revenue influence.

The integration tracks reader behavior even if they don’t buy and read on the same visit. Imagine if someone reads a blog post and then leaves the site. When they return, maybe through a retargeting ad, and buy your product, our system will recognize that the blog article influenced them on the path to purchase. If they came back and read three articles before buying, we’d show that each article influenced that purchase.

Putting content analytics for Shopify to good use

As lean marketing teams, you’re always expected to show ROI. At the same time you must build your brand. Building brand and driving direct response performance don’t necessarily correlate, and historically brand marketing has been highly difficult to measure through an ROI-based lens.

With the Shopify integration, you have insight into how content and brand marketing is correlated with performance. Now, you can take a data-driven approach to prove the value of content marketing without having to spend hours digging through spreadsheets and analyzing data. It’s all right there for you and we’ll even help you interpret the results!

This data is the perfect complement to email marketing analytics, social analytics, and overall content analytics within Matcha.

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