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Shopify + Matcha product announcement

Matcha’s New Shopify Blog Integration Makes Publishing Content Even Easier

Publish articles to your Shopify blog in 2 clicks with Matcha

The blog is the most underutilized asset that ecommerce merchants have. 


When you look at breakout direct-to-consumer brands — the ones that are doing 8- and 9- figures in annual sales like Beardbrand, Glossier, and Away — they all leveraged content to accelerate their growth. 

Yet, many smaller and growing ecommerce businesses ignore their blogs because content marketing has been too hard, time-consuming, and costly to do well. 

Matcha’s mission is to make creating a best-in-class blog easy and affordable for lean marketing teams. 

To help make ecommerce blogging easier and more effective, we’ve:

  • Built a library of 10,000+ professionally written articles that you can publish to your blog in minutes. We have years of data that shows these articles are highly engaging to shoppers.
  • Made capturing emails from your blog easy and efficient. Our email capture tools convert 1 out of every 5 visitors to a subscriber on average.
  • Created an analytics tool that clearly shows you what content is most engaging to shoppers to make it easier to understand your audience. 
  • Made it possible to see how content is influencing sales (even if readers don’t purchase on the same visit) so you can focus on delighting customers instead of annoying them by only pushing product offers. 

Today, I’m excited to announce Matcha has made publishing even easier for Shopify users! 

Matcha integrates with your Shopify blog for faster, easier content publishing

Now, you can publish articles from Matcha’s library to your Shopify blog in just two clicks! 

After you’ve connected Matcha to your Shopify account, browse or search the Matcha library to find an article. When you’re ready to publish, simply click on the publish to your blog button and then click finish publishing. Two clicks, and you now have a professionally written article complete with photography on your Shopify blog. 

With Matcha, it’s insanely easy to publish engaging content to your blog on Shopify.

There isn’t a faster, easier, and more affordable way to get professional-quality content onto your ecommerce site. Now, you can quickly publish articles to see what drives the most engagement, email subscribers, and sales from your audience and various niches. 

If you have any questions about publishing or setting up the integration, check out our help guide. Our team is also available to help you with any questions you may have. 

Existing customers who have already integrated Shopify and Matcha to get content-influenced sales data will need to reauthorize their integration in settings in order to publish from Matcha. 

Create your free Matcha account today to start exploring our library and use our full content marketing platform. Then, publish your first article in just a few clicks and see just how easy it is to kick-off your content marketing strategy!

Use the Matcha content platform totally free. Publish from the library starting at just $49/month.

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