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New Travel Articles Available to Publish on Your Blog Using Matcha

Beautiful, new travel and design articles are now available to publish to your ecommerce blog from the Matcha content library

Where would you like Matcha to take you?

Mallorca? London? Paris? Nashville? Montreal?

Matcha can now transport you (and your customers) on a first-class voyage anywhere in the world with hundreds of beautiful travel articles with stunning images and inspiring writing—now available to instantly publish to your ecommerce blog from the Matcha content library.

The instantly-publishable articles in the Matcha content library are known as licensed content. Licensed content is a marketer’s secret weapon because it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to:

    • Quickly drive high-quality traffic to your site.
    • Grow your email list.
  • Increase sales and loyalty.  

And, how else would you be able to produce and publish blog posts detailing inspirational experiences in the world’s best cities with professional photography? Now, you can transport your audience across the world without having to leave your site.

Airplane travel
Image provided by Tim Gouw

Stunning new photo essays complement Matcha’s extensive selection of travel content

This new content is from the award-winning publisher, We Heart, an online magazine exploring the intersections between arts, culture, lifestyle, travel, and design. The articles are mostly photo essays focused on high-end travel, with an emphasis on international cities and traditional vacation destinations (the Caribbean, Hawaii, etc.).

The core audience is travelers looking to engage in a city and explore the best hotels and services available. The articles are written for people between 25 and 45 with enough income to indulge while traveling. Also known as the “active affluent,” they want to immerse themselves in a destination and have the resources to do so.

The We Heart content in the Matcha library is perfect for brands whose audiences are:

    • International travelers
    • Well-funded millennials
    • Adventurous middle-aged couples
    • Urban-minded travelers
    • Art, history, design, and culture buffs
    • Travelers looking for local secrets
  • Potential cross-over with fashion, food, and art brands

From the Matcha content library, you can instantly publish these articles to your e-commerce blog (completely ad-free). Then use these posts to attract your target audiences to your site in the most cost-efficient way possible (Matcha can do it for you). Then, see how blog articles from Matcha are helping you to find new customers, drive inexpensive traffic and leads, and keep your existing customers engaged.

Stand up paddle boarding - adventure/travel content
Image provided by Ishan

Examples of We Heart articles in the Matcha content library

To find this new content, simply go to the Matcha content library and filter by the publisher We Heart. Here is a taste of the new content:

Matcha Content Library - publish new travel articles from We Heart
Sample of travel content from We Heart available from Matcha

There’s even more to see in the library! Check it out
here (Matcha login required).  

As always, your project manager will be happy to help you find content that fits your brand and marketing goals!

If you’re not yet using licensed content in your e-commerce marketing mix, it is one of the most cost-efficient ways to help grow your business. It can help you to attract new audiences, cut the cost of acquiring traffic through Facebook, and improve your email marketing newsletter. Learn how to supercharge your marketing with licensed content.

Feature image provided by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

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