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Create a Top-Notch Email Newsletter in Less Time with Matcha + Klaviyo

Businesses can’t win without an email newsletter.

It’s no secret that email marketing is essential for ecommerce business growth. In fact, if you’re not sending emails regularly, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to turn your subscribers into loyal customers. According to McKinsey, email is 40x more likely to lead to new customer acquisition than social media. 

More importantly, your subscribers are expecting to hear from you. A whopping 66% of consumers say their preferred method of communication with a brand is email. And the best part? It’s virtually free to send. 

But it’s not enough to send a product-heavy email in the hope that your subscribers will immediately click-to-buy. You need to continually provide them the value they’ve come to expect from your brand by balancing product offerings with relevant content. 

So, how do I send the type of email that my subscribers want to receive?

The answer is more straightforward (and less time-consuming) than you might think: send winning emails that retain your subscribers with the powerful combination of Matcha + Klaviyo. 

Klaviyo makes it painless to create a beautiful, branded newsletter template that you can use week over week. With a marketplace of 10,000+ professionally written blog articles, Matcha enables you to fill your blog with high-quality content and convert your readers into subscribers, all with a couple clicks of a button. Then, you can repurpose your blogs in your email marketing to send content-rich newsletters that are proven to drive more engagement from your list.

Finally, you can keep your products top-of-mind (without making an outright sales pitch) by adding relevant product ads to your Matcha blog posts. 

Matcha + Klaviyo for Email Newsletters

The most successful emails are those that combine regular product and promotions with the informative content that your subscribers are craving. With four Matcha articles to play with every month, it’s easier than ever to send email that provides value, builds brand awareness, and keeps your subscribers coming back to your site! 

Pair the drag-and-drop functionality of Klaviyo’s branded templates and email design with Matcha’s extensive content marketplace, and you can create a customer-centric email newsletter in just 5 simple steps: 

  1. Upload the featured image from a Matcha blog to your email template.
  2. Copy + paste the first few lines of text from the blog beneath the image.
  3. Add a “Read More” call-to-action button.
  4. Feature a relevant product in your blog using Matcha’s Product Listings feature.
  5. Create a catchy subject line that tells subscribers what they can expect when they open your email & send your email!

Voila, you’ve just created a reusable email that’s sure to engage! Every week, simply cycle in a new piece of Matcha content to keep your newsletter fresh and informative. 

Tips for Creating an Even More Engaging Newsletter

What’s next? Consider leveling up your email marketing game by employing a couple of more advanced techniques: 

  • Write your own introductions to the featured content, or introduce the featured product with fun and relatable copy
  • Experiment with Klaviyo’s advanced email design to include products buttons or social links
  • Offer unique coupon codes to consumers who “Shop the Blog” 
  • Incorporate customer reviews and testimonials
  • A/B test content, subject lines, send times, and more, to optimize your customer experience

Segmenting Your Emails Using Matcha + Klaviyo

Once you’ve conquered the basics, use Matcha Subscriber data to segment email for different audiences based on their content engagement. Segmented emails deliver 760% more revenue than generic email campaigns! 

When you capture a new email address using locked content, Matcha automatically pushes the subscriber’s email address into Klaviyo, along with data about the content that the person converted on. 

From there, take advantage of Klaviyo’s segment builder and flow features to create targeted automated campaigns that speak to your subscribers’ interest and provide more relevant content and offers. 

Further reading

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