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Create a Best-In-Class Newsletter in A Fraction of the Time with Matcha + Mailchimp

Every ecommerce business needs an email newsletter.

You’ve heard time and time again that email marketing is one of the most important drivers of ecommerce success. In fact, according to McKinsey, email is 40x more likely to lead to acquiring a new customer than social media.

E-mail is big and only getting bigger. In fact, over 3.9B people use email regularly and even 72% of teens say it is their preferred method of communication from brands.

However, the conundrum of email marketing is: to drive more revenue from email, you need to send more emails. But, if your emails cause your audience to disengage, your revenue per email drops and you need to spam your base even more to keep up your revenue. It’s the death spiral of email!

So, how do you send more emails without your subscribers feeling that you’re spamming them?

That’s where the magical duo of Matcha + Mailchimp come in. Now you can go beyond just sending emails that promote your product and push sales onto customers. Matcha enables you to create a newsletter rich in engaging content that is proven to drive more engagement from your list.

Mailchimp enables you to easily create a beautiful newsletter template that you can use over and over again. Matcha’s content library of 10,000+ professionally written blog articles gives you content your audience will love that you can publish to your blog with a click of a button. In a newsletter campaign, you can use that same content to create value and brand awareness for your audience and drive them back to your site!

When subscribers read your newsletter content, you can keep your products top-of mind (without being overly pushy) by easily adding product ads to your Matcha blog posts.

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Matcha + Mailchimp for Email Newsletters:

As we’ve mentioned, alternating your regular product and sales communications with emails featuring blog content is a great way to engage your list without seeming “spammy”. With four Matcha articles to publish each month, you can easily choose to send out one featured article per week, a monthly content round up, or anything in between!

When combining the power of Mailchimp’s intuitive click-and-drag templates and Matcha’s vast content library, you can create a brand-building and customer-adored email newsletter in just five simple steps. The best part? Once you’ve set up your first newsletter using these five steps, you can easily update your future newsletters with new blog content from Matcha.

The Simple 5-Step Formula for a Powerful & Engaging Newsletter:

  1. Upload the featured image from a Matcha blog to your email template.
  2. Copy + Paste the text from the first few sentences of your Matcha content beneath the image.
  3. Add a “Read More” call-to-action button.
  4. Feature a related product in your template and add a “Shop (This Product) ” CTA.
  5. Set your Matcha content’s title as the subject line & send your email to your audience!

Tips for Creating an Even More Engaging Newsletter

Once you’ve got the hang of the simple 5-step method, you can start getting more advanced with how you communicate with your newsletter audience. Here are some tips for leveling-up your newsletter:

  • Write your own introductions to the featured content and tie back your featured product (or products!) with fun and relatable copy
  • Experiment with Mailchimp templates to adjust your newsletter layouts and formatting. (Don’t worry! Mailchimp templates automatically adjust to fit your consumer’s viewing device, whether it be desktop or smartphone!)
  • Add unique coupon codes to your in-email “Shop This Blog Post”
  • A/B Test headlines, send times, and more and study outcomes with Mailchimp’s analytics
  • Use the Matcha Subscriber’s feature to segment your email list based on subscriber’s location, topics of interest, purchase data, and more to send more targeted emails to different customer groups! (According to research, segmented emails deliver 760% more revenue than non-segmented email campaigns!)

Measuring the Impact of Blog Content in Your Newsletter

With Matcha’s Mailchimp integration, you can easily track content’s effectiveness at driving subscribers back to your website. With clear data driven insight, you can learn what topics and interests most appeal to your email subscriber base.

Key Takeaways:

Regular engaging email newsletters are essential for email marketing success. But when your newsletter features only product and promotions, your subscribers will be turned off and open rates may fall. Content provides in email provides the value readers crave and the open rates you love. With Matcha + Mailchimp, creating a regular newsletter is easy and takes very little time.

Getting started is simple! Head over to Mailchimp to design your first template with the 5-step method, and use Matcha content to engage subscribers reading your email newsletters and drive them back to your site.

Hungry for more tips and inspiration on how to use Matcha to engage your subscribers? Check out these resources:

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