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Introducing Featured Product Listings for Shopify Blogs

Increase Product Awareness in Seconds with Embedded Product Listings to Convert Readers into Buyers

It’s the classic marketing conundrum: people don’t like “being sold to”, but you need to sell your product.

Compelling, well-written blog content that speaks to your audience’s interest is a proven way to drive traffic to your site at a cost up to 90% more efficient than product ads. In short: content is an excellent way to constantly fuel the top of your marketing funnel. Licensed content from the Matcha library is particularly useful as it allows you to rapidly experiment with topics for your audience and find what “sticks” without all the costs associated with research, writing, and editing.

But while it’s important to fill the top of the funnel, too often users arrive at your site to read your content and then leave after reading, perhaps completely unaware of the product you offer that they would love–if only they knew more about it. But, how do you introduce your product to top-of-the-funnel readers in a non-pushy or “salesy” way? Introducing: Matcha’s new Embedded Product Listings.

CPG Brand Everly features their content using Matcha embedded product listings.

Put Product at the Forefront of Your Shopify Blog Posts with Embedded Product Listings

With Matcha’s latest product release for Shopify stores, your top-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel can finally exist on the same plane. What’s more: now incorporating featured products into both your blog content is as simple as a click of a button — no complex html required.

Simply navigate to your Matcha settings and all products in your Shopify store will be available to choose from, along with their feature images and product descriptions. Select the products you’d most like to feature (we recommend your top sellers for this global settings), and toggle the setting on for “Mid-Article” (featured product appears in the middle of your licensed content) or “After Article” (featured product appears after the content attribution.) In addition to featuring a single product, you can also use Matcha’s embedded product listings to feature entire collections from your store.

You can further brand your featured product listings with font, font color, and button color. Finally, you can choose between the more-direct call to action of “Add to Cart” or the lighter touch CTA of “View Product” for those top-of-the-funnel readers.

Featured products in your blog post is as simple as two clicks!

Instantly, all of your content published from the Matcha library will then be populated with your featured products, and in a seamless way that does not disrupt your reader’s experience. Instead, it just might pique their curiosity!

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With Matcha and a Shopify store, you can instantly publish your first article in just a few clicks. From there, you can drive new site traffic and email subscribers at a cost 90% below industry standards and feature products and collections to convert those readers to product-aware buyers! What’s more, our Shopify integration allows you to import any of your existing blog content for locking, measuring, and product embedding. What are you waiting for? Get started for free today!

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