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Share Content to Email & Facebook in One Click with Matcha’s Promote Features

We know the struggle well. You have a wealth of content at your fingertips that you’re eager to share with your audience but the process to deploy it to your most important channels is manual and time-intensive.

We’ve got great news for the time-crunched. Introducing Matcha’s latest feature release: Promote

With Matcha’s new Promote feature, you’re just a few clicks away from sharing your content on your Facebook page and emails—generating completely free, organic traffic. 

To get started, simply publish an article from the Matcha library. Once you’ve finished customizing, applying conversion tools and the article is live on your site, you’ll be prompted to promote the piece. 

From there you can share to your Facebook page, add to your email or, even better, both! 

Share your Content on Social with Matcha Promote to Facebook

Posting Matcha content organically to your Facebook page is a simple method to drive free traffic and gauge early interest in the topic or content type you’re testing. 

Once you’ve connected your Facebook page to Matcha, just add a snappy, attention-grabbing caption. Click the “Post” button,” and the article will appear on your connected Facebook page. 

matcha promote screencapture

If you’d prefer to schedule your posts for the time people are most likely to engage, select the “Later” option to choose the exact date and time you want your post to go live. 

Easily Provide More Value to Your Audience with Promote in Email

Whether you’re just starting out with email marketing, or you’re a seasoned pro with segmented campaigns, you should be training your audience to look forward to your emails with the power of valuable content. 

Formatting content in an email can be tough. It involves links, templates, buttons, and even then, may not render the way it should. Matcha’s copy and paste email embed functionality allow for a beautiful, headache-free content sharing experience. Simply choose whether you’d like to use the URL or HTML. Both come equipped with UTM parameters so you can easily track the source of your new traffic. 

matcha email screenshot

If you’ve connected your Klaviyo or Mailchimp account to Matcha, any subscribers that you’ve generated from content will be automatically filtered to your account for easy nurturing. 

Want to make your newsletter stand out? Get a content and product optimized email template for Mailchimp and Klaviyo when you sign up for Matcha’s free content marketing toolkit

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