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Shopify's new app Shop helps consumers support small businesses

Supporting Small Businesses During COVID-19 Just Got Easier with Shopify’s New Consumer App “Shop”

As more businesses move online to battle COVID-19’s new reality, Shopify’s new app makes it easier to discover and support small businesses with online purchases.

Shopify is the Jack to Amazon’s Giant. It enables the little guys to easily build and grow a businesses online and steal market share back from the ecommerce behemoth, Amazon, who currently controls about 50% of the market. Like Jack’s beanstalk, Shopify has been growing rapidly since it was first founded 16 years ago, and now can boast that it hoststhe online stores of over 1,000,0000 businesses across 175 countries.

Now, with Shopify’s new app, Shop, consumers can discover and support small businesses easily on their mobile phones.

Yesterday, Shopify announced a new update and rebranding to its original app, Arrive, an app for tracking packages from online stores. With reportedly over 16 million Arrive users already, Shop is well poised to continue to grow and help even more consumers connect with small businesses.

With Shop, you can now not only track your packages, but you can also browse a feed of products from other small online stores recommended based on your previous shopping activity. You can also find and discover new stores and “Follow” them in the app like you would follow an influencer, then see that store’s products appear in your feed as well.

Another great feature of the app is that when you search for new stores to follow, Shop will automatically feature “Shops near you”–that is, online stores owned by people within your own local community.

Think Amazon + Instagram Shopping + UPS Tracking + Your Local Farmer’s Market, all rolled into one app.

After browsing for a bit and discovering the product that you can’t live without, you can purchase in-app with a single click through Shop Pay, or explore the site from within the app and use other services like Apple Pay or whatever payment methods the store accepts. From there, track your new purchase from within the app, and get notified via text message once your package arrives.

Discover and support small businesses online with Shopify's new Shop app

Though this app has long been in the works, it comes at a time when other businesses are stepping up to support small businesses. While some are offering free services and tools, others are changing or completely slashing their prices.

Google, for instance, recently made product listings on Google Shopping free for all merchants, whereas previously merchants were charged advertising fees. Atlanta SaaS company Matcha also recently made their ecommerce blog optimization and analytics platform free forever to small businesses that join during COVID-19.

A migration from Amazon and a cultural shift towards supporting small business

All this comes on the heels of a recent exposé on Amazon by the Wall Street Journal, alleging that Amazon was stealing data from third-party merchants to develop their own products. While Amazon is denying this, if it proves to be true, there will likely be an even stronger migration from small sellers to platforms like Shopify.

Finally, while certainly small businesses are being hit harder by the current pandemic, there has been a cultural shift to be more mindful about where consumer dollars are being spent. Many people are considering their purchases more cautiously and are generally supportive of helping small businesses over large ones.

If you’d like to support small businesses using the new Shopify App, you can download it here.

Matcha is helping small businesses with their newly free ecomm blog optimization app

If you blog for your online business, Matcha’s blog optimization platform makes it easy to bridge content and commerce within intuitive full-funnel blog analytics and conversion tools like dynamic in-line product listings and customizable toggle-on content gating. For a limited time to help small businesses during COVID-19, Matcha is making their platform free forever for new users.

Try the Matcha Blog Creator with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

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