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The 5 Best Podcasts to Inspire Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Be curious.

That’s one of the core values at Matcha. It’s also a quality shared by the best e-commerce marketers.

Marketing podcasts are an amazing way to fuel that curiosity. They’re a constant source of education and inspiration that’s always-on and totally portable.

They’re also an excellent example of something else we believe here at Matcha: the power of valuable content to attract an audience, differentiate a brand, and keep people coming back.

Here, I’ve curated five podcasts that belong on every e-commerce marketer’s playlist. And since you’re always strapped for time, I’ve exposed some of my favorite insights from each so you can jump right in and start learning.

5 Podcasts For Every E-Commerce Marketer’s Playlist

 Podcast #1: eCommerce Evolution

As the CEO of OMG Commerce, Brett Curry helps many e-commerce businesses optimize search engine marketing. On the eCommerce Evolution podcast, Curry shares his search experience while his guests cover many other topics important in e-commerce.

Who will love this podcast?

eCommerce Evolution is perfect for the CEO of an e-commerce business. There are 62 episodes (and counting) that have covered every aspect of running an online business. But there’s plenty of marketing insight as well.

My favorite insight

There are three questions a marketer can ask to guide top-of-the-funnel content creation:

  1. What do I need my prospect to believe?
  2. What objections does someone have to buying my product?
  3. What are they thinking about, worried about, or researching right before they buy my product?

Find this and a great example of how content is used throughout the sales funnel on Episode 2: Creating Impactful Content Marketing for eCommerce with Russ Henneberry (The funnel talk starts at 19 min).

Podcast#2: Marketing School

Neil Patel is one of the smartest digital marketers on the planet. In the Marketing School podcast, he and co-host Eric Siu deliver a heaping dose of marketing information and inspiration in digestible, 5 to 7-minute chunks.

Who will love this podcast?

If you’re an e-commerce marketing generalist tasked with everything from SEO and SEM to direct response and content, the Marketing School podcast will give you plenty of inspiration. Every single day, Patel and Sui cover a different topic. And such short episodes means you can learn 10 new things before you finish your first coffee.

My favorite insight

If your return on ad spend (ROAS) has slipped, pause the ads. Use that time to:

  • Review the data
  • Look at other factors affecting results (landing pages)
  • Refresh stale ads

Patel and Siu quickly rattle off these and a dozen other fixes on Episode 821: What Should You Do if Paid Ads Don’t Work?

Podcast #3: Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM host Sonia Simone is the Chief Content Officer at Copyblogger. Which means she is the top copywriter for the most popular copywriting educational resource. Host credentials, check!

Who will love this podcast?

Marketing copywriters and anyone else who wants to write smarter, more magnetic copy.

My favorite insight

When you’re training your dog, you use the stinkiest treats for the most difficult lessons. Likewise, make your content stinky and irresistible to stand out in a crowded space (as a dog owner, I can’t help but love this analogy).

Simone offers tips on creating “stinky” copy in the episode: Stinky Sardine Secrets to Make Your Content More Fascinating.

Podcast #4: Center of Attention is the platform many of the world’s largest media outlets use to understand the data behind online attention. Sachin Kamdar and Andrew Montalenti co-host Center of Attention and are co-founders. In each episode, they reveal some insight from their vast data stores.

While not e-commerce or marketing specific, the discussions on C of A turn up truths about the platforms (Google, Facebook) and audiences that matter to marketers.

Who will love this podcast?

Anyone who thinks about how to attract and influence an online audience, especially if you’re running ads on Facebook or Google. Specifically good for those of us that love to understand how data supports theory.

My Favorite Insight

There are two human needs that drive our actions online: the need to find answers and the need to discover something new. This is a really useful framework to contextualize the Google (finding answers) / Facebook (discovery) duopoly.

Find a deep, data-driven discussion on the topic in Episode 2: Search Intent vs. Social Serendipity (The Google/Facebook talk starts at 10:30 min).

Podcast #5: Nerd Marketing

Host Drew Sanocki gets down into the weeds of all things digital in Nerd Marketing. The show speaks mostly to e-commerce and each episode is infused with action items that address real marketing problems.

Who will love this podcast?

This is a digital marketer’s podcast. Sanocki doesn’t spend time explaining jargon for new practitioners. He gets right down to business, answering questions even a seasoned pro will encounter.

My favorite insight

Email marketing is like dating. You don’t propose on the first date. You get to know each other, date for a while, and build up trust. Your email strategy should be similar; don’t ask for the sale in the first email. Introduce your brand and build trust through a series of connections.

This is one-of-four email marketing to-dos Sanocki and guest Austin Brawner expose in episode 29: Email Marketing Strategy. (The best stuff starts about 8 min in).

Each of these podcasts offers a ton of value to its listeners. That’s something we feel really strongly about. If you provide value in your marketing, your audience will reward you with their attention, their email address, and their business.

P.S. We recently hosted a free webinar to help you turn Facebook into a lead generation engine. In under an hour, you’ll learn steps you can take immediately to achieve higher traffic at lower costs. Watch it on-demand now.

Stay curious.

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