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Utilizing $6.5M to Solve the Content Marketing Problem for Lean Marketing Teams

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $6.5M in a round led by TechOperators. Here’s our plan.

We believe in the power of stories, and we believe that when storytelling is both artful and scientific, organizations deliver more meaningful customer experiences.

Today we’re excited to announce that we are partnering with TechOperators, a leading venture capital fund based in the Southeast, to accelerate product development and investments in our suite of tech-enabled content marketing services for lean marketing teams building brands and destinations.

Built for smaller marketing teams

In 2016, we launched Matcha to our initial partners. At the time, the content marketing landscape had begun to saturate, at least at the enterprise level, and companies like Newscred, Contently, Percolate, Sprinklr, and others had raised more than $1B to own the enterprise content marketing space. The advances they were making largely ignored lean marketing teams, who we understood were equally hungry for a way to leverage content marketing.

We built Matcha to support them first, and since 2016 our partners have articulated several themes:

  • Simplify the challenge of content marketing. While the leading CMPs are built for enterprise businesses with large teams of marketing specialists, we built Matcha to solve for organizations where marketing teams are comprised of a small number of generalists.
  • Subject area expertise matters. While the leading CMPs are general purpose platforms focused on selling into any large company with enough budget, we built Matcha and our services to be grounded in expertise in specific verticals where consumers are more motivated by experiences than they are by products. We count decades of experience on our staff in the industries we support.
  • Do it with me. Critically, we’ve learned that our partners are overwhelmed by DIY software tools, so we’ve continued to invest in providing a strong suite of content services to make the challenges of content marketing as approachable as possible.

Addressing the content problem

Content is increasingly the fuel of the customer experience but it’s rarely used effectively. That’s because the barriers to participate are significant:

  1. Content Supply: The amount of content needed to stay relevant is overwhelming. How do you source content your consumers will care about?
  2. Content Distribution: The customer experience occurs across many channels and platforms. How do you distribute content intelligently?
  3. Content Measurement: Customers consume content in so many places. How do you know what’s working and what’s not?

Our product and our services are built to lower these barriers, and we’re using this funding to make it even easier for the marketers we support to drive performance through content.

Over the coming year, Matcha will give partners an increasingly actionable view into their content strategy and performance through capabilities like lead form tracking and integrations with tools like MailChimp and Shopify to track content across new channels. Its analytics capabilities will also mature with site-wide page analytics to help holistically measure content’s influence, and its scope will expand from articles into photos to unlock engaging and compliant use of photography in content programs.

Finally, we will add additional features to streamline the delivery of our services, so that our partners can better leverage our editors, media planners, and content strategists to achieve their content marketing goals.

Thank you for your support

We believe to empower lean marketing teams, a technology must be supported by strong services. Our origins as a publisher have given us a unique perspective which positions us well to help our partners leverage storytelling to create meaningful experiences. We’re building Matcha to optimize and measure content across the marketing stack, and to continue streamlining the delivery of content strategy, production, and deployment — services around which we have a clear history of excellence already.

We are continuously grateful to have the opportunity and privilege to build solutions for our partners, and we are excited to work alongside you on the journey ahead. Keep in touch by subscribing to our weekly newsletter below.

Let’s go!

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