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Why Matcha Believes Content Marketing Can’t Be Solved by Technology Alone

If you want to know how to squeeze the most out of a workday, just ask a marketer at a small organization. These heroes of efficiency are often asked to execute on a to-do list similar in length and breadth to an enterprise-sized business, but with a team of just one to a few people.

Over the last decade, SaaS (software as a service) providers have targeted this challenge, developing platforms and point solutions which help lean marketing teams punch well above their weight.

Some marketing disciplines, however, still require lots of human labor and specialized expertise. So even with a garage full of super-charged digital marketing tools, lean teams aren’t able to take advantage of some very powerful techniques.

SaaS alone isn’t enough for content marketing

Social media has become an important product discovery tool for consumers. And unlike traditional platforms such as print and static web pages, consumers hold tremendous power over which brands they see and interact with.

Under this new power dynamic, a marketer needs to think consumer-first if they want a share of the attention. As Gerardo Dada explains in The Adaptive Marketer blog, “Marketing needs to shift from talking about what you want to talk about (your products, most likely) to talking about what the customer wants to learn about.”

Content marketing, and the great storytelling that underpins it, is the strategy assigned to accomplish this task.

Unfortunately for the SMB marketer, content marketing is one of those things that requires human bandwidth and specialized skills. To be successful, a marketer needs to be a writer, editor, photographer, social media manager, and data analyst.



That’s why Matcha believes the solution for a complex problem like content marketing requires a SaaS platform supported by professional services to shoulder the jobs-to-be-done load.

The technology makes the content marketing workflow easy and lightweight but it’s Matcha’s experienced team of professionals that do the heavy lifting.

Do-it-with-you services

In his TechWire article, Anthony P. Lee articulates the reaction to the shortcomings of technology-only solutions for small businesses.

Drawn to the underserved small business market and guided by their need for human support, Lee says a “Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) Revolution” has occurred among SaaS providers. “It’s as much about people-powered customer service as it is about code-powered efficiency,” he explains.

Certainly, many small businesses are happy to completely offload back-of-the-house jobs like accounting to a SaaS + Service provider. They often just want to know that the job is done.

But Matcha works with marketers. Just as they are challenged for resources they are also extremely passionate and creative in their work. They prefer to own their vision so Do-It-For-Me is not the perfect approach.

This understanding guides the Matcha roadmap. Services are designed with a collaborative, do-it-with-you philosophy while customers guide their strategy. Matcha’s tech-enabled, in-house experts are ready to execute on any of the content marketing jobs to be done.

Even a marketing team of one can have ready access to professional photographers, writers, copy and visual editors, social media managers, and data analysts.


Matcha believes the power of great storytelling shouldn’t only be relegated to the huge marketing teams at enterprise businesses. If you’re a marketer at a small or medium sized business and you struggle to find time to get it all done, Matcha can help.

Read more here. When you’re ready to tackle content marketing, contact Matcha, and let’s get to work.

Written by Rob Glover for Matcha.

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