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Case Study

Early-Stage CPG Brand Increases Lead Conversion 20x, Ecommerce Revenue 20%

Ryan Gaines
CEO, Everly

“I would recommend the Matcha platform to any ecommerce brand that’s focused on accelerating growth.”

Everly, a sugar-free drink mix brand, relies on their blog as a tool to grow their business. Powered by the Matcha platform, the Everly blog is influencing key outcomes throughout the customer lifecycle.

Everly’s Results with a Matcha-Powered Blog

Traffic  •  Email Subscribers  •  Website Conversions  •  Ecommerce Sales

Everly's results using the Matcha platform

Read on to learn how Everly used Matcha to get these results and overcome common challenges small ecommerce brands face every day.

About Everly

  • Early-stage CPG company: Everly sells natural, sugar-free drink mixes on their ecommerce store, through Amazon, and in stores.
  • Mission-driven: Everly helps deliver life-saving rehydration salt treatments to vulnerable populations around the world.
  • Small team: CEO Ryan Gaines manages Everly’s marketing strategy with a small team.

Omnichannel Marketing: Product Ads Aren’t Enough

Like many young ecommerce brands, Everly’s early marketing efforts were focused on maximizing results from direct response ads. But doing one channel really well isn’t enough to scale your business in the long-term.

Multichannel marketing strategies result in a 24% increase in conversion rates and 15 to 30% increase in average customer spend.

Jomer Gregario

Everly needed to find new, inexpensive ways to generate traffic, grow their email list, increase sales, and create a memorable customer experience that goes beyond product features and benefits.

The Challenge: Marketing to Different Audiences

Everly’s products appeal to a diverse population of people who care about living a healthy lifestyle. That’s an ideal place for a brand to be, but for a marketer, it creates some tough decisions. There are endless ways to market to these distinct audience segments.

“I think most brands come in with a preconceived notion of who their audience is and what will work well with them,” explains Ryan Gaines, CEO at Everly. “We originally thought outdoorsy millennials would be our target market. Then we learned that health-conscious moms were also buying a lot of our products.”

Everly’s goals were to:

  • Grow their email list
  • Quickly identify their most profitable audience segments
  • Test audience interest in new products
  • Increase sales

To achieve these goals, Everly needed to understand what messaging, topics, and products would get their audience to click, connect, and convert. And their Matcha-powered blog was the tool they used to do achieve them.

How Everly Uses the Matcha Platform to Grow Their Business

Step 1: Publish Licensed Content

Licensed content is content created by a trusted, professional publisher that you can publish to your own website.

When Everly launched their blog, they needed to publish content about a variety of topics to find what worked best to influence their audience.

Matcha’s library of licensed content was the perfect tool for the job. With over 10,000 articles covering a broad range of topics like food, fitness, travel, family, and wellness, Everly could use the content library to quickly discover and publish articles for each of their potential target audiences.

Everly blog screenshot

“Initially, I was a little skeptical about publishing licensed content. But without it, we would’ve missed what’s become an incredibly valuable audience.

“It’s been really helpful to have a variety of content to learn what topics work with each audience. Now, we can publish more content at a faster pace. It would be cost-prohibitive to do that without Matcha.”

– Ryan Gaines, CEO, Everly

Step 2: Promote Blog Content

Everly uses Matcha content in their email newsletters, social media, and paid media to attract new visitors and engage their community.

Everly runs content ads on Facebook to drive highly targeted traffic to their blog. Content ads offer huge efficiencies over product-only ads. By promoting their blog posts, Everly’s getting a cost per click (CPC) of just $0.10 — about 95% lower than the industry average of $1.90

By A/B testing the ad copy, ad creative, and target audiences, Everly quickly learned which topics and tactics drove the highest-quality, lowest-cost traffic.

Everly Facebook ad screenshot

They also use content ads that are optimized for lead generation to grow their email list.

Step 3: Convert Readers Into Subscribers

As the cost of product ads skyrockets, it’s more important than ever to own your audience — and in particular, to build a healthy email list that you can market to for free.

When a visitor clicks on one of Everly’s cost per lead (CPL) Facebook ads, Everly can convert them into an email subscriber using Matcha’s locked content. With locked content, readers share their email address in exchange for exclusive access to engaging content, making it easy for Everly to grow their list and learn more about their subscribers’ interests.

Locked content reduced Everly’s average CPL to $2.58, 91% cheaper than previous CPLs.

“We love working with Matcha! We’ve seen a huge decrease in cost per lead and have completely shifted our digital ad spend to publishing and distributing blog posts with them.”

– Ryan Gaines, CEO, Everly

How Everly Used Matcha to Discover an Entirely New Audience

Access to 10,000 licensed articles allowed Everly to go broad in the topics they published. Then, they used that content to test a variety of health-conscious audience segments.

Everly blog screenshot

It wasn’t long before an unexpected new audience was exposed.

Facebook ads featuring keto-related content were delivering traffic and subscribers more efficiently than other content.

“We never set out to go after the keto diet,” Ryan says. “But we learned that a significant portion of our audience is on it. That was a lightbulb moment for us because it gave us a way to tap into something a huge percentage of our audience is passionate about.”

It turns out, Everly’s low-sugar, plant-based drink mixes are a perfect solution for keto followers.

That knowledge informed the creation of a keto-based collection of content that perfectly hit the mark with their audience. For example, one article, 10 Low Carb, Keto-Friendly Desserts, generated 137 new subscribers in just one month at an incredibly low cost of $1.58 per lead!

Not only did Everly find a new, highly-efficient sales funnel, but Ryan now has a repeatable process for testing new audience segments.

“We launched two new products this year: a Calm and a Probiotic drink mix,” he explains. “Concurrent with those launches, we published articles relating to those topics — pieces about meditation, relaxation, gut health and sensitive stomach diet. It has been really powerful to validate our customers’ interests in these topics.”

What’s the effect of all this on Everly’s business?

Everly’s sales have increased more than 20% year over year. Now, nearly 22% of their total sales are now directly influenced by their blog.


  • Goal: Everly needed to find new, inexpensive ways to attract site visitors, grow their list, increase sales, and make their brand “sticky.” 
  • Challenge: Their products appeal to a very broad “healthy living” audience, which encompasses a wide array of niches that are influenced by different messaging.
  • Solution: Everly used the Matcha platform to build a blog that helped them identify their most profitable audience segments, capture more email addresses, and 
  • Results: Since working with Matcha, Everly’s blog has influenced traffic, subscribers, and online sales. It’s also helped them test the market’s interest in new products.

It can be hard to find your niche as a small business that sells online. But with strategic blogging, brands like Everly can quickly test new market segments, grow their email lists, and drive revenue from new channels.

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