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Case Study

How Osprey Drove over 350 Leads in One Month with Content

Kami York-Feirn
Social Media Specialist, Osprey

“We’ve been able to engage multiple audiences and deepen brand storytelling. With Matcha’s analytics, we were able to see that content drove over 394 leads in a single month!”

Osprey is a well known outdoor brand selling some of the best packs on the market. Their mission for the last 40+ years has been to create innovative, high-performance gear that reflects our love of adventure and our devotion to the outdoors. Not a new company, yet they run marketing with a lean, modern team.

Their full case study is forthcoming, but here is a sneak peak of their outstanding results.

They came to Matcha for help scaling their content efforts. One of our earliest customers, they’ve seen nearly a quarter of a million people read our content and that content has influenced thousands of leads for them.

What’s so exciting about this case study is that even smaller or newer brands can easily replicate their success with Matcha’s content, insights, and expertise.

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