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Case Study

How Osprey Packs Doubled Blog Traffic and Captures Over 300 Leads Monthly

Kami York-Feirn
Social Media Specialist, Osprey Packs

“Matcha has helped us to engage multiple audiences and deepen brand storytelling. With their analytics, we see that content drives over 300 leads per month!”

Kami York-Feirn, Osprey Packs’ one-woman content marketing and social media team, doesn’t let limited bandwidth slow her down. With the help of Matcha, she’s built Osprey Packs’ blog into a powerhouse that engages diverse audiences and drives up to 20,000 visits every month.

In 1974, backpackers waited several days for Osprey Packs founder Mike Pfotenhauer to hand-sew their custom-fitted backpack. Now, the durability and comfort of Osprey Packs are favored by expert and novice mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers, backpackers, and climbers all over the world.

As Osprey Packs has diversified their products, so has their audience. Kami York-Feirn, who is the Social Media Specialist at Osprey Packs, has the challenging job of building awareness and engagement with each of these audiences through Osprey Packs’ blog and social channels.

Making a brand relatable to diverse audiences

With more than 40 years of successful innovation and growth under their stabilizing hipbelt, Osprey Packs is a household name among outdoor enthusiasts. York-Feirn uses content to build a strong relationship between brand and audience that transcends a one-time transaction to create lifelong customers.

“My job is to make our brand relatable and let our audience know there is a human on the other end of their screen. I focus my efforts on connecting with our audience and making people feel like they’re part of our brand.”

When your brand serves multiple audiences, creating a personalized connection with each requires a lot of content covering many topics.

For example, an expert mountain biker in New York will be drawn to a different online experience than a family hiker in Colorado. And each will read content seasonally. “I’m not publishing a paddleboard article in the middle of winter,” York-Feirn explains.

Additionally, York-Feirn says each piece of content needs to serve a purpose. She’s unwilling to compromise quality for the sake of filling a hole in an editorial calendar.

Matcha helps Osprey Packs speak to each audience with content they’ll love and come back for

Even with all of these demands on her time, York-Feirn has transformed the Osprey Packs blog into one of the most successful in the outdoor industry. She’s more than doubled the blog’s traffic, which now receives up to 20,000 visitors every month. With a variety of content that speaks to different audiences, their blog is relevant to each of the markets their products serve.

Impressively, their blog produces over 300 leads for the brand each month. With these results, it’s clear that content marketing delivers value to the business by driving traffic, acquiring leads, and keeping customers engaged.

Content is well-understood as a tactic to increase awareness at the top of the funnel by introducing the brand and our products in a more personalized way. But we think content is the fuel that influences people across the funnel. It’s not only top of the funnel, it’s also critical for deepening consideration and increasing retention.

– Kami York-Feirn, Social Media Specialist, Osprey Packs

The Osprey blog offers a variety of content
Kami York-Feirn publishes and distributes a variety of content to engage each of Osprey Packs’ audiences.

Here’s how Matcha helps Osprey Packs achieve these results from content marketing.

1. Increase publishing frequency

The first step to creating a successful content marketing program is to publish new articles regularly. In a typical month, York-Feirn publishes 10 to 12 articles from Matcha which have, over time, brought 250,000+ readers to the Osprey Packs blog.

To fuel this cadence, she curates ready-to-publish articles from Matcha’s content library.

What I like about Matcha is I can dive in and, 10 or 15 minutes later, I have something published to our blog. It would probably take a week to get something back from other sources.

– Kami York-Feirn, Social Media Specialist, Osprey Packs

She also commissions original content from Matcha including guides, listicles, how-to articles, and more. With a dedicated editor and content strategist, Matcha’s content team helps strategize content topics and manages all aspects of creation and editing. With Matcha, York-Feirn doesn’t have to worry about managing freelancers or quality of content.

The explore tab in the Matcha app

2. Target multiple audiences

Matcha enables Osprey Packs to speak to multiple audiences with articles that relate to each segment’s interests and persona. The Matcha library has nearly 10,000 articles to choose from and York-Feirn can easily publish articles on the right topic, season, and region for various audiences. Matcha’s robust analytics shows how articles related to each activity, persona, and geography have performed.

Articles such as The Best 5 Trail Runs in Northern Delaware and Colorado’s Top 10 All Day Mountain Biking Epic Rides offer entertaining and helpful information that’s specific both topically and geographically, letting the reader know the brand is dedicated to the experience.

Uniquely, Matcha has developed custom content for Osprey Packs’ retail channel as well. This innovative approach using content marketing to support their retailers demonstrates the collaborative nature of working with Matcha.

3. Promote content intelligently

The Osprey Packs blog has been so successful because York-Feirn knows that she can’t just publish articles and expect visitors to pour in. Smart distribution is critical to success. Savvy marketers like York-Feirn promote content across channels to attract, engage, and retain customers.

“We use Matcha’s educational content on social to draw people in and make them want to learn more. Then we can use email and paid ads to actually convert them.”

Done-for-you or done-with-you, Matcha can help with promotion including paid media management and email marketing.

4. Review and optimize with analytics

York-Feirn can track traffic and engagement metrics directly from the analytics in Matcha. Matcha shows her how many leads are coming from content. Additionally, York-Feirn meets with Matcha to do a deep dive on the results of her content marketing program every quarter.

These results help Matcha and Osprey to determine what type of content to produce and publish, adjust marketing plans, and to prove the value of content to the business.


Increasing the cadence of publication and creating individual experiences for each audience has paid off big for Osprey.

Not only has she increased traffic significantly, but those visitors are sticking around. Matcha content on the Osprey blog maintains an impressive 80+% engagement rate (engagement rate is the percentage of visitors that actually read the article).

Matcha content is definitely the top performing content for us when I look at the analytics every month.

– Kami York-Feirn, Social Media Specialist, Osprey Packs

For York-Feirn and Osprey Packs, content marketing has helped drive over 300 leads on a monthly basis. She can even see exactly which articles led the reader to become a lead!

The combination of a ready-to-publish content library, dedicated content team, and simple WordPress plugin means York-Feirn can manage these tasks in much less time with Matcha.

“Content creation would take a lot more time if I didn’t have Matcha.”



  • Increase publication frequency
  • Engage multiple audiences with content they’ll love
  • Understand how content is performing in various funnel stages


  • Use a mix of licensed and original content to publish 10 to 12 high-quality articles from Matcha each month
  • Distribute content through organic social posts and paid social ads to drive top-of-funnel traffic
  • Monitor results on the Matcha app, using insights to guide future publication


  • >250,000 readers (more than 20,000 per month)
  • >80% engagement rate
  • >300 leads generated each month
  • Achieves these results in a fraction of the time with Matcha

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