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Case Study

How Superfeet Drove 130,000 People to their Blog (and How They’re Converting Them to Customers)

Jessica Spencer
Marketing Specialist, Superfeet

“Matcha does all the hard work. It’s like a content marketing easy button.”

Superfeet has built a loyal following of athletes and adventurers who love the comfort and protection their insoles provide. But why stop there? They knew they had the opportunity to expand to new audiences and continue to build the Superfeet brand through their website and blog.

So in 2016, Superfeet partnered with Matcha to publish stories to connect with their audience and distribute them via paid Facebook ads. Now, three years later, the Superfeet blog has driven 130,000 additional visitors at an incredibly efficient $0.13 cost-per-click. (That’s 92% cheaper than the average Facebook ad!)

But the innovative insole company isn’t resting on its well-cushioned past.

They’ve again enlisted Matcha to help deploy a new strategy that will convert that traffic into leads.

The best part? With Matcha, ecommerce brands of all sizes can achieve results like these.

Step 1: Generate inexpensive traffic through the Superfeet blog

Companies that publish high-quality blog posts on a regular basis drive significantly more traffic and generate more leads. Superfeet knew that posting more frequently, they could bring more potential customers to their website to help grow their brand.

While their products have always been on the leading edge of innovation, the Superfeet blog hadn’t yet reached its full potential back in 2016.  

The lean Superfeet marketing team was doing all the right things. They published brand and product stories alongside engaging articles about their brand ambassadors. Their blog posts hit the mark, but Superfeet dealt with a challenge small businesses know all too well: a lack of time and resources.

Without the internal bandwidth of a huge enterprise business, publication frequency was inconsistent. There just wasn’t enough time to produce the helpful and entertaining content that makes a blog a traffic and lead magnet.

“We have such a small team with so many priorities,” says Jessica Spencer, Marketing Specialist at Superfeet. “Creating content that’s relevant to each of our audiences, well, that could be most of my job. That’s how much time it takes.”

Making the Superfeet blog more audience-specific

In 2016, Superfeet partnered with Matcha to produce custom articles that educated and entertained runners, hikers, and snow sports enthusiasts.

Screenshot of the Superfeet blog

Publication frequency jumped to a consistent five articles per month. Brand and product content was joined by audience-focused articles like ‘10 of the Best Weekend Backpacking Trips in the US’ and ‘7 Great Chicago Area Long Runs that Aren’t the Lakefront Path.’

Having a robust publication schedule was important. But “publish it and they will come” no longer holds true in a world where it’s more it’s more difficult for audiences to find brand content organically. Superfeet needed to be intentional in getting that content in front of potential customers.

Drive high-value, low-cost traffic to the blog through Facebook.

Facebook ads featuring helpful content are much better at driving traffic and leads than ads featuring products only. So Matcha’s advertising specialists began testing Facebook ads featuring Superfeet’s new blog content. They invested a small amount of budget to test ad copy, audiences, and images, as well as different articles.

Superfeet content marketing ad on Facebook

The traffic from those ads was both cost-efficient and highly engaged. The average cost-per-click (CPC) was just $0.13, and the click-through rate (CTR) was 5.5% — 5x higher than the average Facebook ad.

“The content we get from Matcha has been one of the biggest traffic drivers to our website,” Jessica says.

Since 2016, Superfeet’s revitalized blog has brought 130,000+ readers to their site. But as we all know, ecommerce isn’t just about acquiring website visitors. It’s about converting those visitors to subscribers and customers.

Step 2: Personalize the experience and convert the traffic

With Matcha’s help, Jessica had created a vibrant blog that was driving lots of traffic very efficiently.

At the beginning of 2019, she again partnered with Matcha — this time to help convert that traffic to leads and revenue.

“Our goal this year is to continue that conversation and leverage all that traffic to get conversions,” she explains. “We’ll do that by segmenting our audience and personalizing their content experience.”

For a brand like Superfeet, segmentation can become quite granular. Not only can they segment by activity, like running or hiking, they can segment by experience and location. By personalizing content for each of their audience segments, Superfeet is providing explicit value to everyone from an intermediate runner in New York to a beginner hiker in Texas.

Creating that level of personalization requires lots of testing and lots of content. Fortunately, Matcha took care of that part for them.

Licensed content makes personalization possible for small ecommerce teams.

“Our customers are a bunch of super active, super optimistic people who do amazing things. We want to be where they are, helping them do those things.”

Jessica Spencer, Marketing Specialist, Superfeet

For Jessica, the solution was Matcha’s large library of licensed content.

Licensed content is content produced by a professional publisher that’s available for brands to use on their own blogs. Matcha has about 15,000 licensed articles on topics like travel, fitness, running, and beyond. They’re all ready to publish in just a few clicks, complete with proper formatting and professionally sourced images.

“I’ve worked with freelance copywriters before and I’ve had to do a lot of editing,” Jessica explains. “The licensed content we get from Matcha is ready to publish, which is really, really great. It saves me a lot of time.”

Plus, Matcha’s experienced content strategists curate a collection of articles specifically for Superfeet each month. Each selection in the list is chosen to meet Superfeet’s upcoming marketing goals and is guided by historical data.

Matcha content library product screenshot

Having this thoughtfully curated list of ready-to-publish content not only saves Jessica time, but it also helps keep the blog audience-focused.

“All the content Matcha curates and creates for us has been really on-point. It’s interesting and relevant to our audience.”

Jessica Spencer, Marketing Specialist, Superfeet

Here’s how Jessica will use licensed content to expand Superfeet’s audience and guide them further along the buying journey.

1. Segment the email audience

Email is an incredibly important platform for ecommerce marketers. And shoppers are more likely to engage with businesses that provide an experience that’s customized to them.

Jessica’s plan is to segment Superfeet’s email audience by activity and then fuel the personalization of those emails with licensed content from Matcha.

“Matcha’s big library of licensed content gives me access to a bunch of different topics,” she explains. “So I can have emails going to a runner versus a hiker versus someone who’s uber-interested in travel.”

Articles like The 10-Mile Clay Loop: A Slice of Running Heaven for Central Florida Runners and How to Introduce Your Loved One to Adventure Travel are published directly from Matcha’s library to the Superfeet blog.

screenshot of Superfeet blog post

“It’s been super easy for us to publish Matcha content to our blog,” Jessica says. “Even though we have a custom CMS.”

From there, those varied articles can be fed into audience-specific emails, creating the type of personalized experience today’s audiences demand.

Of course, when you want someone to take an action, like subscribing to your newsletter, it helps if you’re asking in a way that’s also personalized to them.

Image provided by Superfeet

2. Personalize calls to action

Every time someone visits an article on your blog, you have an opportunity to move them further along your sales funnel.

Jessica is leveraging the traffic that Matcha content brings by adding small triggers within the content.

“When someone is reading about hiking on our blog, they will actually see a graphic at the bottom of the page that talks about how they can improve their hike by wearing Superfeet hiking insoles,” she explains.

Superfeet is also experimenting with customized pop-ups so the reader’s journey through the sales funnel will feel more organic.

“Let’s say someone is reading a piece on running. The pop-up to subscribe to our email list will have a running graphic. Then, the email welcome series that triggers is personalized to that person and their interest in running.”

“We want to really get down to having a targeted conversation with someone. Matcha’s licensed content will help us take this traffic and nurture our audience even more.”

Throughout this process, the Matcha platform provides Jessica all the data and insights she needs to both report on, and continuously improve, Superfeet’s content marketing strategy.

That data is served to her on a dedicated dashboard, in weekly emails, and through quarterly calls with her Matcha project manager.

“Matcha has so much data to help us make smart marketing decisions,” she says. “And we’re so busy here, those regular meetings give us a chance to pause and make those changes.”

“Matcha is like an extension of our marketing team. It’s like having a bunch of experienced copywriters, digital marketers, and advertisers on staff.”

Jessica Spencer, Marketing Specialist, Superfeet



  • Use the Superfeet blog to drive high-quality, cost-efficient traffic
  • Convert that traffic to leads and nurture to a sale through email


  • Publish content that educates and entertains Superfeet’s audience
  • Intelligently distribute that content through paid Facebook ads
  • Personalize email and calls-to-action


    • 130,000+ blog readers
    • $0.13 cost-per-click on content-based Facebook ads
    • 5.5% click-through rate

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