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Case Study

Locally Grown: Ogden Made Grows Traffic 60%, Email Subscribers 1000%

Josh Stuart

“Matcha gives my small company the chance to engage with new people that I would not have been able to reach otherwise.”

When it was time to take Ogden Made from a local to a national company, owner Josh Stuart wanted to protect the values he had so carefully woven into his brand of hand-stitched backpacks, clothing, and accessories.

So Josh partnered with Matcha to publish authentic content about outdoor experiences. He then distributed that content to an audience of adventurers in new markets, beyond his hometown of Ogden, Utah.

After six months, the Ogden Made blog has attracted thousands of new readers from across the country. It’s helping deepen connections through email. And it’s converting those visitors to leads at a substantial rate.

The best part? By using Matcha, Josh is is able to publish profesional content in minutes and track the traffic, leads, and revue his blog generates in one place.

Ogden Made’s Results with Matcha

Website Traffic · Email Subscriptions · Analytics

Ogden Made's results with Matcha's performance blogging platform for ecommerce - a case study

Here’s how Ogden Made used the Matcha platform to drive traffic from new geographies while maintaining the integrity of what made their brand so great to begin with. 

About Ogden Made

  • Early-stage outdoor gear and apparel company: Ogden Made sells their hand-stitched bags, shirts, and accessories through their website and from a small retail space in Ogden, Utah.
  • Rooted in Utah: Josh wants Ogden Made to express the spirit of adventure that courses through its namesake town.
  • Small team: Along with managing most operations at Ogden Made, Josh is the sole marketer for the business. 

Maintaining Your Roots While Expanding Your Reach

Challenge 1: Scaling the Business

Utah may be an amazing place filled with outdoor activities. But it’s also one of the smallest markets with barely 1% of the country’s population.

Josh Stuart knew that growth for his brand meant expanding its customer base nationally. 

But he wanted to be careful. Growth could mean diluting the values that made his brand so special in the first place. And that would be unacceptable. 

“Ogden, Utah is this hidden gem to the outside world,” Josh says. “There are unbelievable outdoor experiences, just about anything you can think of, right outside our doorstep here. We want the rest of the world to feel that sense of adventure through our brand.

Challenge 2: Saturated Product Ads

Product ads were Ogden Made’s primary acquisition channel, but those ads had begun to run their course. 

“I felt we were getting repetitive in our approach. And that limits our ability to gain new supporters and customers.” – Josh Stuart, Owner, Ogden Made

To grow his business, Josh needed to engage a much larger national audience with a fresh message while maintaining the authenticity of the Ogden Made brand. 

Ogden Made’s Goals

  • Increase website traffic from a nationwide audience
  • Grow their email list and deepen engagement with current customers
  • Accomplish these goals with the lean resources of a growing direct-to-consumer business

How Ogden Made Uses the Matcha Platform to Grow Their Business

With ambitious goals and limited internal bandwidth, Josh needed a lever that allowed him to execute like a much larger team.

So he chose to build his blog with Matcha.

From Matcha, it’s dead simple to publish compelling articles that fill his blog, social media ads, and email newsletters. It’s also easy to use analytics to optimize results that start quickly and build over time.

Ogden Made Expands Their Marketing Muscle With Licensed Content

Large brands have used performance blogging to find new audiences and grow their businesses for a long time.

But until recently, small businesses like Ogden Made didn’t have the resources to publish high-quality content at a meaningful scale.

Licensed content has changed all that.

Licensed content is content created by a trusted, professional publisher that’s available to use on your own website.

Each month, Josh publishes several blog articles directly from the Matcha platform and promotes them through his email newsletter. He uses the easy search function to explore the entire library of more than 10,000 articles.

The breadth of content gives Josh the geographic reach he needs to grow.

“Matcha has a quality library of content for businesses like mine to choose from,” he notes. “It’s fun to see that there’s something for every location and topic that would interest our audience.”

Screenshot of the Ogden Made Blog using Licensed Content

The entire publishing process takes just a few minutes each month.

“Matcha plays a huge part in who we are. Not just getting the Ogden Made name out there, but in sharing what we stand behind.” – Josh Stuart, Owner, Ogden Made

Growing an Audience Through Social Media and Converting Visitors to Leads

One of Josh’s most important goals was to reach audiences in new geographies and attract them to his ecommerce website. 

Promoting content through paid social media ads is a really effective way to drive website traffic. So Ogden Made’s marketing strategy included Facebook ads featuring their licensed content. Those ads were targeted to geographies across the country. 

“For me, Matcha isn’t just about the quality content. It’s about the marketing opportunities it gives me through channels like Facebook.” – Josh Stuart, CEO, Ogden Made 

Since those Facebook ads offered helpful content instead of a product pitch, they were engaging a broader population of people who were interested in the topics but not yet ready to buy.

That, coupled with the expanded geographical footprint, increased Ogden Made’s available audience exponentially. Blog content was now attracting thousands of people every month, more than doubling overall website traffic.

What’s amazing is that those content-driven Facebook ads were delivering traffic at 14 cents per click, 91% lower than the retail industry average!

Using Matcha’s lead capture tools, Ogden Made then offered those readers an additional valuable piece of content in exchange for their email addresses. 

This one-two punch of Facebook ads and value-driven lead capture is generating leads at an incredibly efficient 12% conversion rate.

“When people sign up for our newsletter, it’s an opportunity for us to showcase who we are as a company,” Josh explains. “It’s a chance to deepen our relationship and share our message.”


  • Ogden Made has built a strong brand with unique, hand-stitched bags, apparel, and accessories.
  • To grow their business, Ogden Made needed to expand beyond their local audience while maintaining the authenticity of their brand.
  • Josh Stuart, Ogden Made’s owner, chose the Matcha platform so he could publish and promote content, convert leads, and measure success without hiring any marketers or spending too much time on marketing.
  • Since using the Matcha platform, Ogden Made’s blog has delivered cost-efficient traffic from new geographies and converted that traffic to leads efficiently. Those leads can now be engaged through email and retargeted with ads.

Reaching new audiences in new markets is a natural part of many DTC brands’ growth. Doing it efficiently and without losing the brand’s individuality is a challenge. 

Performance blogging with Matcha makes it easy to publish content that’s consistent with your brand’s mission. Plus, it puts efficient traffic, lead generation, and conversion within reach for even the smallest ecommerce business. 

If you’d like to learn more about how a performance blog can help you grow your business like Ogden Made, schedule a time to chat with our team.

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