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Case Study

How Mambe Increased Conversions by 327%, Reduced CPL by 60%

Matt Weir
CEO, Mambe Blankets

“With Matcha, we’ve reduced our cost per lead by 60%.”

Waterproof blanket brand Mambe relies on Matcha to create a high-performance blog. With Matcha, they’ve been able to quickly grow their audience, drive cost-efficient leads, and increase content’s influence on new revenue.

Mambe’s results with Matcha

Traffic • Leads • Website Conversions • Ecommerce Sales

Mambe Blankets – Keeping You Dry, Warm, and Cozy in All Conditions

Anyone who spends time outdoors knows how uncomfortable it is to sit on the cold, wet ground. Matt and Margaret Weir became acutely aware of it, too.

Being true entrepreneurs, the husband and wife team set out to design a solution.

The duo tested a wide variety of materials and construction techniques until they found the perfect result: a super-warm, soft blanket that’s 100% waterproof and durable enough to withstand years of use and regular machine washing.

And with that, Mambe was born.

Since Mambe’s launch in 1998, the Weirs have adapted their comfy, waterproof designs to a range of useful products, like furniture covers, pet blankets, and hooded blankets. And even with their growth and expansion, Mambe still makes everything in Seattle, Washington, where it all began.

Regaining Balance Between a Branded Website and Amazon

Mambe began selling their waterproof blankets before Amazon was a viable solution for small businesses. But as Amazon’s reach grew, Mambe wisely rode the wave and increased sales through that channel.

It makes a lot of sense. Brands that sell through a third-party marketplace in addition to their own shopping cart enjoy a 38% increase in revenue.

But there are risks in relying too heavily on Amazon.

On Amazon, brands don’t own the relationship with their customer or audience. There’s no opportunity to create a community, foster brand loyalty, or continue a relationship after the first sale. This can cut your customer lifetime value by half or more.

The results are clear. Shopping cart purchases on company websites result in 129% more revenue per order than online marketplaces.

Matt and Margaret are savvy entrepreneurs. They know how critical it is to grow sales through their own website. So they needed to find ways to drive new, efficient traffic to that channel.

Marketing to Different Audiences

Mambe’s original waterproof blanket appeals to picnickers, campers, and parents spending time at soggy sports fields. They’ve since added a variety of products geared toward pet lovers and anyone hoping to protect furniture from life’s inevitable messiness.

That’s great for business. But it’s a challenge for marketing.

This is doubly true for Mambe, where Matt is a one-man marketing machine. He manages everything from Google AdWords to retargeting to direct response and email campaigns. All while balancing management of day-to-day production, new product R&D, and longer term strategy & partnerships across multiple channels.

Mambe’s Goals

  • Engage multiple audiences
  • Generate new, cost-efficient leads
  • Increase sales on the Mambe website

To accomplish their goals, Mambe needed to create a blog that attracted different audiences, captured leads, and ultimately influenced sales. And it had to be doable with Matt’s limited time.

How Mambe Uses Performance Blogging to Grow Their Business

Big brands have been using performance blogging to improve customer acquisition for a long time.

Performance blogging is more than just writing. It means:

  • Publishing content your audience cares about
  • Distributing that content to drive inexpensive site traffic
  • Converting site visitors to leads so you can continue marketing to them
  • Measuring results and optimizing for more traffic, leads, and sales

Why does it work? Because when you offer your audience valuable content at each stage of their buying journey, they’re more likely to move to the next.

In fact, businesses that blog get 67% more leads than businesses that don’t.

With Matcha, Mambe quickly launched a high-performance blog of their own — one that engages all their audiences. And they’re doing it without overtaxing their lean and busy team.

It’s exactly what they needed to make their company website a more efficient sales channel.

Here’s how they used Matcha to do it.

1. Publish: Engage multiple audiences with licensed content

Licensed content refers to content created by trustworthy, professional publishers that are available to use on your own website. With Matcha, you can publish a licensed blog post in seconds.

Through their marketing, Mambe needs to connect with distinct audiences, cover multiple topics, and be relevant to people from Oregon to New York. It would be tough for Matt to generate that volume and breadth of content on his own or pay and manage freelancers around the country to do it.

Matcha’s licensed content library is the perfect solution. There are 10,000+ ready-to-publish articles on topics like family, health, the outdoors, travel, fitness, beauty, and food.

That variety, along with licensed content’s low cost and speed to publish, allows Matt to fill the Mambe blog with content that’s relevant to each of their audiences.

screenshot of Mambe blog landing page

In six months, Mambe’s blog connected with 24,000 people in a way that couldn’t happen on Amazon.

“Writing content internally is tough, especially with everything else we’re trying to do,” Matt says. “I love working with Matcha because they make publishing content so easy.”

2. Distribute: Drive efficient traffic with content ads on Facebook

Having that range of topics published on Mambe’s website was great. But content is only useful if it actually reaches your audience.

Mambe needed to drive traffic to their new blog posts to engage potential customers and grow their owned audience. So theyfeatured their content in Facebook ad campaigns.

Screenshot of a Mambe Facebook Ad featuring Matcha content

Those ads drove traffic to Mambe’s site at 25 cents per click, about 85% lower than the industry average of $1.90.

Even better, Mambe owns the relationship with that audience. Now, they can retarget them with product offers or more helpful content. Better yet, they can convert visitors to leads so they can continue marketing to them for free via email.

3. Convert: Generate cost-efficient leads with Matcha’s lead conversion tools

Mambe’s newsletter is an important revenue channel for them. So growing their subscriber list was a critical stage in thier acquisition funnel.

One of the most effective tools for growing that subscriber list is Matcha’s lead conversion tools. They work by using Mambe’s most popular content as a carrot, encouraging their readers to subscribe to their newsletter. Lead aquisition tools featuring valuable content outperform those featuring a vague benefit like ‘join our tribe’ or ‘subscribe to our emails.’ 

In fact, using Matchas lead converstions tools Mambe’s reduced their average cost per lead (CPL) across all campaigns by over 60% to just $7.20.

“I was surprised to see the effect Matcha had on our lead costs. Dropping from over $18 to $7.20 per lead is really significant.”


Mambe’s blog is now powering an efficient customer acquisition funnel. New traffic is coming in at 25 cents per click, and it’s converting at just over $7 per lead (versus a historical CPL of $18+).

Now, the million dollar question: What influence is Mambe’s content funnel having on sales?

Well, over the last three months, the amount of revenue from their company website influenced by content has increased eight-fold, while overall revenue continues to rise.


  • Goal: Mambe needed to grow their owned audience and increase sales on their website.
  • Challenge: Their products appeal to several disparate audiences who engage with different content.
  • Solution: Mambe built a blog with Matcha’s licensed content.  Then they used that content to drive traffic from Facebook and increase their email subscriber list.
  • Results: Since working with Matcha, Mambe’s content funnel has produced cost-efficient traffic, reduced their cost-per-lead, and influenced a growing percentage of their revenue.
  • Impact: Mambe now owns the relationship with a large and growing audience is more likely to have a greater lifetime value than their Amazon customers.

For small and growing direct-to-consumer brands, Amazon remains an important sales channel. But rely too heavily on that channel, and you risk eroding the direct consumer relationship that builds brand loyalty and community.  

Performance blogging is a powerful mechanism for creating a customer acquisition funnel that generates traffic, leads, and sales through a branded ecommerce website.

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