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Case Study

How Oars + Alps Tracks Engagement and Connects Blog Content to Commerce

Alyssa Boente
Director of E-commerce

“Being able to see the engagement by article has been great. In Matcha, the data is very visual and easy to understand at a glance, in a way that Google Analytics is not.”

In November 2016, Oars + Alps started as a fully DTC brand selling on Shopify. Oars + Alps products range from body and skincare to hygiene items,  all made from high quality, natural ingredients, and are currently best known for their line of natural deodorants. Oars + Alps began using Matcha’s all-in-one blogging tool in July 2020.

Photo courtesy of Oars + Alps.

About Oars + Alps

Oars + Alps was founded by Mia Duchnowski and Laura Lisowski Cox after they grew frustrated with finding grooming products fit for their husbands’ active lifestyle. Every option was too expensive, full of chemicals, or tailored to women, leading them to create the brand. Oars + Alps symbolizes their husbands’ love for competitive rowing, snowboarding, skiing and cycling, and serves as a reminder to push through life’s challenges by “Taking to the Oars” and achieving your goals. 

Since its founding, Oars + Alps has entered into multiple other third-party retail channels, including Amazon, Target, and 

As Director of E-commerce, Alyssa Boente, puts it, “Oars + Alps is the ‘athleisure of skincare’, with a customer base of active, busy, on-the-go individuals that value quality personal care products.”

About the Oars + Alps Marketing Team:

Oars + Alps’ lean and nimble marketing team has created exponential multi-channel growth over the past four years.  The core team includes their CMO, Director of E-commerce, Brand Manager, Paid Media Strategist, Retail Partnerships, Customer Service & Insights Manager.

Meet Alyssa, Matcha Blog Creator User:

In an effort to diversify growth channels, Alyssa Boente has been tasked to consistently build content that’s beautiful, on-brand and effective at linking unique storytelling and sales. Alyssa owns the content creation process entirely.

Oars and Alps Blog
The Oars + Alps blog.

Why Oars + Alps blogs:

“The power of storytelling on our .com is incredibly useful…We want our .com to the home of our brand voice.”

– Alyssa Boente, Director of E-Commerce, Oars + Alps

In 2020, Oars + Alps is focused on ways to grow in addition to expanding their retail partners. They hope to obtain further growth by elevating their brand, customer acquisition, and loyalty in new ways. This put them on a path towards developing a more robust content strategy.

A number of factors have led to Oars +  Alps putting a new focus on their blog:

  • Leadership sees great value in building more content and plans to flexibly use blog content across multiple channels to drive traffic back to their site.
  • Oars + Alps has a unique brand voice and brand values. They hope to amplify their voice as a thought leader in their space and use their blog to share their unique perspective and “Take to the Oars” mentality.
  • Additionally, Oars + Alps plans to use their blog to connect to their customer through both relatable brand storytelling and educational content. 
  • Though Oars + Alps has expanded to channels outside of their .com, a blog provides them a central space to connect to consumers and share product information and their brand voice. Even if a new customer is acquired on a separate channel, they may seek further product education and brand information on the brand-owned site and later return to the site to purchase again.

Before Matcha, Oars + Alps:

  • Sought additional data on what content was relevant and engaging to their brand audience.
  • Was unable to quickly add products into blog posts to prompt readers to explore a product page after reading a blog post. 
  • Could not directly see the impact of content on the bottom line.
  • Was relatively new to blogging, still learning the ropes.
matcha product listings in Oars + ALps blog content

With Matcha, Oars + Alps:

  • Accesses analytics that measure average read time and engagement rate for content to determine at-a-glance what content readers value the most. 
  • Can easily toggle on-off product and product collection listings that can be customized to best suit each blog post with CTA options for “View Product” or “Add to Cart”
  • Can directly see how content influences revenue. After publishing a piece on the Blog Creator on July 20 and using Product Listings, one Oars + Alps blog post saw $207 in blog-influenced revenue in just 10 days!
  • Utilizes in-product guidance on best practices for e-commerce blogging strategy and SEO optimization.

“Blogging is another way we can have online conversations with a lot of people, customers and otherwise.”

– Alyssa Boente, Director of E-Commerce, Oars + Alps

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