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Case Study

Small E-Commerce Retailer Generates 2x Site Traffic and 10x Email Revenue with Matcha

Chris Holt

“What surprised me is how much traffic Matcha content has driven for us at a nominal cost. In less than a year we’ve doubled our site traffic and grown email revenue by 10x.”

When Chris Holt started running in 2006, he set out on an audacious task: build an online specialty retail shop that takes on industry giants like REI and

Matcha helps Campman punch above their weight class with a content marketing solution that has generated 40,000+ blog readers and allowed them to build a robust email marketing strategy.   

And they’re just getting started.

Fighting for a place in a crowded space

Campman stands out as an online retailer that sells only the highest quality outdoor gear and clothing. Their effort means Campman customers can expect the best outdoor gear and a selection of items other retailers consider too niche to carry.

Competing against large, entrenched competitors with huge budgets presented a significant and meaningful challenge. As a savvy entrepreneur, Holt was asking the question all growing brands must answer:

“Why would someone buy a product from us? Why would they trust Campman as the best way to go?”

Holt saw that companies like REI and used content to build and engaged an audience they owned. 

“I wanted to create a community, something beyond just a shopping experience for our customers. And content is how that happens.”– Chris Holt, CEO, Campman

With all the success his competitors were seeing with blogging, he knew it could work for too.

The challenge is that Campman is a five-person team. With all the work of growing an e-commerce business and running a new brick-and-mortar store, there wasn’t time to generate blog content consistantly.

“Creating content on our own is super expensive, and we’re already at max capacity with everything else we’re trying to take care of,” Holt says.

Holt turned to Matcha to publish professionally written articles in minutes. Articles he could then use to attract new traffic from social media, grow his subscriber list, and nurture those subscribers in between purchases. 

Results: 40K new site visitors and 10x email revenue. Here’s how

Campman got even more than they expected from Matcha. Not only did they double site traffic in less than a year, but they achieved a 10x increase in email revenue. And they did it without stretching their budget.

Here’s how Matcha helped them do it.

  1. Publish compelling content (quickly and affordably)

Matcha enables Campman to publish six new blog posts every month!

They achieve this aggressive calendar using Matcha’s content library. Holt can choose from nearly 10,000 professionally researched, written, and edited articles and publish them instantly to the Campman blog.

“Matcha content adds a lot of value to our site. It gives us authenticity because we’re providing these helpful articles instead of just selling stuff.” – Chris Holt, CEO, Campman

Articles like Beat the Winter Blues: 6 Perfectly Cozy Cottages, Huts, and Cabins in Colorado and The 20 Best Hikes in the United States appeal to a broad range of adventurers. That means they can be used to target audiences locally or nationally and by a range of interests.

It only takes a few seconds for Holt to publish this content directly from the Matcha app to their blog.

“What we pay Matcha is minimal compared to what we would pay an agency. And it’s super effective.” – Chris Holt, CEO, Campman

In no time, the Campman blog had become a destination worth visiting. But Holt didn’t just let that content sit on the shelf. 

  1. Make Facebook a traffic acquisition machine

Campman’s content marketing program has been successful because Holt believes in an omnichannel distribution strategy.  To start, that blog content that people love to read is featured on Campman’s Facebook ads.

Matcha content fuels Campman Facebook ads
Campman uses content to drive thousands of new website visitors through Facebook.

Matcha content is the perfect offer to attract new traffic from Facebook. Sponsored posts featuring helpful content are magnetic traffic drivers. And they build trust by showing an audience the brand cares about more than just making a quick sale.

This strategy has driven incredible results. Matcha content on Campman’s blog is:

  • Bringing traffic to the Campman site at an efficient $0.12 cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Keeping visitors engaged. Matcha content on Campman’s blog has an engagement rate of 89%, which means most visitors are sticking around after they click through.

With loads of new, high-quality traffic coming to the site, it was time for Campman to deepen their relationship with these visitors.

  1. Create a loyal community through email

Email is one of the most powerful contact points a marketer has, and Holt’s team expertly guides their blog traffic to subscribe to a weekly newsletter through well-designed pop-ups.

Campman uses smart popups to grow their email list
Smart popups make it easy for Campman’s customers to continue the conversation in email

Every week, Campman subscribers are treated to a new themed email that speaks to their interests. Matcha content is paired with product offers to create a compelling story customers and prospects want to read.

For example, the email below features an article about cozy winter huts accompanied with Campman apparel a customer might need for such a trip. Base layers and down jackets are juxtaposed with images and stories of chilly nights spent in rustic cabins.

Holt’s team then adds a few personal touches, including a weekly review of beer and music. It’s the perfect combination of storytelling, selling, and brand authenticity that consumers crave.

Campman's email is fueled by Matcha content
Each Campman email includes content, product, and personal touches like a “buy, try, or die” beer of the week review.

The strategy is paying off. Email subscribership is up 5%, and revenue attributed to email has exploded an amazing 900%.

“I want to send emails I’d actually like to read. Matcha content gives us the breadth we need to do that.” – Chris Holt, CEO, Campman

  1. Intelligently guide the strategy with data

Content marketing programs built on documented content strategies (DCS) are more successful. So before Campman published their first article, Matcha built a bespoke DCS for the brand.

As content was published and distributed, the Matcha app began gathering data that informed how to optimize that strategy.

At any time, Holt and his team can monitor all of this data on their Matcha dashboard. They can see how each article is performing, as well as how the entire program is working over time.

This type of clarity not only allows for continuous optimization of Campman’s content program, but it also helps Holt understand the value of content to his business.

Campman’s results and next steps

Holt now has a reliable traffic acquisition funnel in place that helps Campman build lasting relationships with customers. He’s built a quickly growing community on email that’s loyal to the Campman brand. And he’s seen a 50% increase in e-commerce revenue in the past 12 months.

“As a small e-commerce business, you can’t just hope something is working. Matcha’s analytics are proof that content is having an effect.” – Chris Holt, CEO, Campman



  • Create an affordable content publication cadence
  • Use content to bring traffic from social channels
  • Understand how content is performing


  • Publish 6 licensed articles to each month
  • Distribute content through paid ads to drive traffic from social channels
  • Monitor results via the Matcha app


  • 40,000+ blog visitors, which doubled total website traffic
  • 10x revenue from email
  • 50% increase in overall revenue

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